J Team

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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J Team

JTeam or J Gaming, a Taiwanese esports company founded in April 2016 by Jay Chou, an Asian pop star. JY Entertainment owns the League of Legends squad who were formerly known as Taipei Assassins.

The LOL tournaments that JTeam have participated in include the IEM Gyeonggi competing against Immortals where they finished fifth place. They have also taken part in the LMS Spring and Summer seasons competing against other Asian esports teams.

The Team

Chen Morning Kuan Ting

Chen ‘Morning’ Kuan Ting

Chen ‘Morning’ Kuan Ting is a top Jungler for Jteam. He started his gaming career playing the mid lane position for LOL teams like WhyTrollMe, Wayl Spider and Taipei Assassins. Part of becoming a better player, Chen has the ability to handle two roles for a thorough understanding of the game and also because in the past he has stepped in as a substitute. His favourite LOL characters are Jayce, Kennen and Ryze.

Chieh FoFo Li

Chieh ‘FoFo’ Li

Chieh ‘FoFo’ Li is a Taiwanese talented pro player who takes on the role of a mid laner for J Team. Every time Li played these LOL heroes, Lissandra, LeBlanc, Azir and Kassadin most of the time he would win the match. While competing for Taipei Assassins, Li’s incredible game performance earned him the award, Rookee of the Split of Summer 2016.

Cheng Bebe Bo Wei

Cheng ‘Bebe’ Bo-Wei

Cheng ‘Bebe’ Bo-Wei is a professional gamer who plays the AD Carry for JTeam. Having started competitive gaming in 2011 with Team WTF, Bebe has the ability to handle mid lane and support roles. Cheng came up with his alias after his ex-girlfriend’s dog named ‘BeBe’.

Li Jay Chieh

Li ‘Jay’ Chieh

Li ‘Jay’ Chieh is a dedicated cyber athlete who takes on the supportive role for JTeam. He started playing League of Legends professionally with Taipei Assassins back in 2013. Jay has the ability to play the positions of top and mid laner that helped him understand what kind of support his team mates would need.

Chen Achie Chen Chi

Chen ‘Achie’ Chen Chi

Chen ‘Achie’ Chen-Chi is a Taiwanese pro currently competing for JTeam. His mission taking on the jungler role for his team shows statistically his best LOL characters are Jax, Shen, Shyvana and Lee Sin. Achie started his competitive career in 2013, playing League of Legends for Taipei Assassins, then moved on with Logitech Snipers, Assassins sniper before joining JTeam.