Ioann Edward Sukhariev

Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukhariev

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 11, 2017

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Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukhariev

Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukhariev is a 29-year-old professional player from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Having a strong background in CS, he takes on the role of the entry fragger for his team Natus Vincere. His gaming experience has made him the most effective player in his squad, leaving his mark with his dangerous playstyle, in fact he is known to be the ‘Pistol King’.

Aside from gaming, Ioann likes to go cycling around the countryside. He appreciates reading classical literature and rumour has it that he is a twilight fan too.

Where it all began:

Ioann was nine when he began playing computer games as a hobby. He would always find a way to sneak out to the local LAN cafe to play games with his classmates early in the morning before school would start.

CSGO Computer-Game

Sukhariev got to know a new video game and began training in Counter-Strike 1.6 joining his first team pro100. Since 2013, Edward has been  with NaVi developing his skills and accurate aims, that he found the best weapons are shotguns and Colt M4A1.

The Team:

Natus Vincere is an esports company founded by Alexander Kokhanovskyy in December 2009. A professional club that supports teams competing in Dota 2, CS:GO, World of Tanks, FIFA, League of Legends and Hall of Fame. All NaVi teams have one goal for all NaVi teams is that they were born to win esports tournaments.

Natus Vincere CSGO

NaVi have established themselves as a leading esports team, famous for their Counter-Strike roster. The current CS:GO lineup consists of seized as the in-game leader, Guardian, Edward, flamie and s1mple. Since the creation of the squad in 2012, they have had a reputation of becoming a role model for many gamers and esports fans around the world.

Competition Participation:


Natus Vincere have recently taken part in the DreamHack Tours 2017, Starladder i-league Starseries Season 3, Intel Extreme Masters XI – World Championship and ELEAGUE Major 2017. NaVi have competed against some of the world’s best teams such as Astralis, SK gaming, Virtus.Pro, Misfits and Heroic.


Edward’s greatest win was at the MLG Major Championship: Colombus, he and his team went through to the finals competing against Luminosity to finish second place scooping up a prize of an amazing $150K.

NaVi’s second achievement was the ESL One: New York 2016 winning against Virtus.Pro of a record 2:1. Natus Vincere took the championship to claim the prize of $125K.