Interview with Cloud9 n0thing; IEM Katowice 2017

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 25, 2017

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Jordan Gilbert aka ‘n0thing’ from C9 gave us some of his precious time for an interview, here’s what he replied to our questions:

1. What went wrong in this event?

I think what went wrong was, that we were a little unprepared for north on our defence on Kabul and on Mirage we lost a bit of focus versus Virtus Pro because they’ve reset our money a couple of times & we did not get that momentum a good feeling. Versus NaVi, it’s because it was our final chance, we were at 5 – 5 which is a great score line for t-side mirage, we had like 3 guys with 16k & we messed up a tactic & the team kind of collapsed from a leadership perspective while it’s something that we will learn from.

2. Do you think there is an over saturation of events causing unexpected teams to study the popular ones and thus end up beating them?

The range is from good to bad based on the month you’re in. For example last year we have played every weekend for like 8 weekends in a row and that’s to much. So two events a month is not bad and some online play in between but definitely need time to review your strategies and find your mental health.

3. Do you feel the difference playing in an event in the US vs playing in Europe?

I think in the US from an architecture point of view there’s more, bigger hotel rooms, bigger beds and things like that add for more comfort. For some of us food choices are preferred but I’ve had no problems with food here, it’s been great … The ESL catering has been good .. I do have a small bed but since I’m a small person, it doesn’t really bother me. Overall the difference is just different fans .. it can be ranging from ok to awesome depending where you at.

4. How do you feel about the all-play-all BO1 tournament used in the group stages?

I don’t think it was too bad because it was split 6 teams in each group. We definitely got a chance to go out from the group but obviously you might not always get your favourite map but you should get a map you’re comfortable on … and yes I think that there are worst formats.