G2 Esports Triumph at EPL Season 5 Grand Finals

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jun 05, 2017

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With the end of another ESL Pro League season, comes another champion. This year’s champion being the French side of G2 Esports who confidently swept away the competition. To obtain the title, they hammered their way through fierce competition, finishing with a heart-racing grand finale against North.

Four- the amount of maps required for G2 Esports to defeat North. Though, throughout the course of the match-up, nobody could have predicted this. Cache, the starting map, saw North gain an immediate lead, consisting of 5 rounds. On the contrary, the second half was greeted with a swift turning of tables, allowing G2 Esports to claw their way to victory.  Tension was building and G2 Esports were now one up on map count. Would North bring it back on the consecutive map?

g2 win

No, a confident no. On Cobblestone, North were clearly out of their depth and suffered a resounding defeat with a score line of 16-5. Confidence grew on the French side, knowing that all they needed was one more map. However, the third game, on Overpass, recited a different tale. North picked up the pace with a powerful first half. Such a great start was quickly forgotten, as G2 Esports would not give up a map easily. All the action boiled down to a 15-14 count, with North able to clutch up and get on the board with a map. A clean sweep in the grand finale would have been quite humiliating, North gladly preventing this occurrence.

G2 Esports, unwilling to lend another map to North, promptly possessed control in the early stages of the fourth map, being Inferno. An impressive performance from ‘kennyS’, and corresponding skill from ‘apex’ and ‘bodyy’ lead to an abrupt clean up. The final score was 16-3, meaning a map count of 3-1. A grand victory like this will propel G2 Esports into the ultimate Valve Major of the year as the favoured team to bag the prize money.