Exclusive Interview with Fnatic’s Coach: Vuggo

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 25, 2017

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We met up with Fnatic’s Coach Vuggo at the IEM Katowice.

Here’s how he replied to our questions:

Q: How is everything going?

Vuggo: Well, we lost the group phase we’re devasted! But obviously, we had a lot of progress from Vegas to this tournament. With only weeks of practice, we’ve done a big step. Now with more than a month to a potential next big event, if we qualify for starladder, we will have enough to improve even more and I’m very confident that with time we will become one of the best teams in the world again.

Q: A lot of people are saying that the new format at ESL wasn’t adaptive enough for this kind of event. Do you think this was one of the issues for Fnatic not qualifying? Or more work needed to be done with the roster getting back together?

A: I don’t know, I don’t like to find an excuse in the format. I’d say if we ever to have only one format for all tournaments, this definitely wouldn’t be the format. Playing one or two tournaments a year with this format is fun, it’s something new, something fresh for both the players and the viewers, so I think that’s great. But I mean we were up against Astralis, if we would have won, against Xyp9x, we would have been through. At 13-3 vs Immortals, we should have closed that match!

We can’t blame anyone other than ourselves, for not being in the playoffs.

Q: We are seeing a lot of surprising games, with new teams qualifying for IEM Katowice. Who do you think will be the winner?

A: I think, Faze is the really strong team right now. I’d say that they were the better team and were the hardest to play against in our group at least. Obviously, Astralis is a good team, but Faze has the upper hand right now.