Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 19, 2017

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Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park

Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park is an American pro mid-laner who is part of the Immortals LOL roster. He has joined units such as unRestricted eSports, Team Curse, Evil Genuises, Winterfox and Counter Logic Gaming acquiring the skills and gaming experience. Pobelter is famous for his flexible moves to help his allies use more aggressive tactics whilst assisting in other roles.

Eugene violin

Outside of gaming, Park practices the violin, which helps him think clearly on game strategies. Better yet, the talented Pobelter has become one of the best mid laners in the North American LOL events.

Where it all began:

Park always liked video games from the early age of five, playing Nintendo 64. When he was around six playing Neopets it was around the time when virtual pets were a trend.


While in middle school, Park spent most of his time playing Maplestory where he took the main character Pobelt as his alias. He also competed in Warcraft III which led him to take on DotA. Some people who watched Pobelter play started online arguments and it was at this point that he got to know of another awesome game, League of Legends.

The Team:

Immortals is an esports company based in North America that was founded in October 2015. The main goal of the club was to strengthen and sustain esports growth with a new competitive roster of their own. Through the teams successes, the association supports teams in LOL, CS:GO, OW, Super Smash Bros and VainGlory.

Immortals LOL team

In 2015, Immortals signed on the former Team 8 players so as to compete for the NA LOL Championships. The LOL roster currently consists of former LGD player Flame, Dardoch from Team Liquid, Pobelter, former Dream Team gamer Cody and Olleh from Hong Kong Esports.

Competitions and Winnings:

The most recent LOL tournament Pobelter participated in was the 2017 NA LCS Spring Season and the Intel Extreme XI Gyeonggi competing for Immortals. A great achievement for Eugene was while playing for CLG at the IEM X San Jose reaching the grand finals, they lost to Origen to finish second.