EU LCS: The Kings are Back, Fnatic topple H2K

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 14, 2017

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Just a couple of weeks ago, people were talking all about Fnatic, about how playoffs would go, where they would be at this time of the year compared to the past. The problem was that no one was talking sweet thoughts about one of the oldest teams of the LCS. In fact, in the final week, FNC was barely able to make it into that coveted final seed in order to be able to play H2K with many saying that they didn’t deserve it. That a red-hot Roccat was far more deserving of the seed and that FNC was the weaker team. Talk that FNC was going to get swept out of playoffs right off the bat.

Whether it was a bit of a miracle or just a playoffs buff that FNC gets, they came to the playoffs with blood in their eyes and something to prove. That seems to be a massive understatement still. FNC’s destruction of H2K was beautiful and had all fans of EU cheering, regardless of which team you are a fan of. To see a team fall from grace so far, barely make it to the playoffs in what could have been the organization’s first time ever to not make playoffs, and then to sweep H2K brought cheers of joy!

There are a lot of reasons that FNC were able to get this upset win over the likes of H2K. First we have Rekkles picking Twitch in game 1, Vayne in 2 and Kennen in 3. All of which he was able to go absolute beast mode on to be a cornerstone for FNC to rely on. Then we have Caps finally showing up in the playoffs. Many had criticized him all split long, but those were a lot less heard after this series. While he got caught out sometimes, he made up with amazing blast cone plays.

With this sort of play coming in from FNC, they are looking like they might be able to overthrow the likes of G2 next week. If they can beat H2K in a 3-0 shutout, all they have to do is win 3 over G2 to make it to the finals.