Esports Events Monthly Recap – November 2017

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 28, 2017

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November has been a great month for eSports Events, with new games hitting new heights as well as old ones keeping promises and re-delivering sublime action at the highest level.

eSports Event – November 2017


Early in the month, BlizzCon hit us hard, with multiple titles being featured on their grand stage. The most anticipated one was however, Overwatch. With much promise revolving around the game as it was hyped up to become the next big eSports, BlizzCon is where Overwatch fans expected to be blown away.

eSports Events Overwatch World Cup Finals

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Finalalist – Canadian Squad

Blown away they were, as some teams showed up big time. Canada, not such a known country for eSports professionals, however in Overwatch is now probably one of the most delivering ones. Over a road in which South Korea was expected to sweep once more, Canada delivered one of the most sublime finals of all. Although ending with a score of 1-4, the matches were neck and neck and were taken to the end of the line each time along the way. However, with their backs against the wall, and a promise to deliver, South Korea held their ground and won the Overwatch World Cup 2017, after winning it last year as well.

IEM Oakland

CSGO event IEM Oakland 2017

IEM Oakland came later in the month to deliver two major titles, one old and one new in nature. CS:GO has now been around for as long as any eSports fan can remember, and is probably here to stay for a long time. However, the new kid on the block has broken through the doors of eSports and he’s kicked the door in, in style.

With multiple teams participating, some through direct invites and others through qualifiers, the Playerunknown’s Battleground event at IEM was as exciting as anyone could’ve hoped for.

Some familiar faces rose to expectations in the CS:GO side of things, but a rather unfamiliar group of faces rose up in the PUBG section.

The CS:GO event in fact saw a final between Ninjas in Pyjamas against FaZe Clan, with NiP coming out victorious in the end.

The PUBG section took till the eight and final round to be decided, but aAa took the cup home in amazing fashion, with their Pochinki domination.

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League Season Week 6

Another event that came to a partial close is the ESL Pro League for CS:GO, as the top twelve teams have now been decided, and will be taking on the offline finals where two groups will be fought until only six remain to fight in the final playoff bracket.

The teams that qualified are:

  • Fnatic

  • FaZe

  • Astralis

  • Team Liquid

  • Hellraisers

  • Luminosity Gaming

  • OpTic

  • SK Gaming

  • North

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Misfits

  • NRG Esports

The offline finals will kick off next month and will run over a course of two days for the groups and then the playoffs.

Mobile Gaming

On the innovative side of things, Mobile Gaming is hitting it off as Dreamhack Winter will be hosting Arena of Valor’s Non-Pro Tournament Finals for a whopping $100,000 prize pool, meeting top titles such as CS:GO in amount.

Mobile Games Arena of Valor

Out of the six teams participating, Germany, France, Spain and Italy remain as the UK and Sweden dropped out.

Thus at the bare start of December, the finals of a tournament that took place over the whole of November will come to a close.

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