Esports Events Weekly Update – November Week 2

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Nov 08, 2017

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Following last week’s eSports shenanigans, and BlizzCon driving worldwide fans crazy with all the reveals, as well as South Korea’s run at the Overwatch World Cup, Week 2 will have a hard time keeping up with the eSports Events hype, but it’ll still deliver to its best. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got coming our way in the world of eSports.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Starting off with possibly the biggest game in the industry so far, Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be seeing the end of the ESL Pro League’s 6th season this week, with teams still fighting for the top spots as the top four teams are still neck and neck with the possibility of ending up as the overall winners. If you want to make use of the best odds have a look at our ESL Pro League Week 7 Predictions.

The European side will see the League coming to a close on the 11th of November, with the North American side closely following on the 12th

eSports Event IEM Oakland 2017

IEM Oakland 2017

This end of season will also be a good warm up for some teams as they head into the upcoming iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 that starts on the 11th as well as IEM Oakland coming next week.

eSports Event iBUYPOWER Masters 2017

iBUYPOWER Masters 2017

The MOBA Party

Although maybe late to the MOBA party, there is a game that made their lateness exclusive, and they did it in the weirdest but smartest way possible. Tencent have recently launched Arena of Valor, a seemingly similar MOBA to League of Legends as well as Infinite Crisis for those who remember it.

Having access to both games’ assets made developing a new game in a new style much easier for the multi-billion-dollar company. Thus, they released a MOBA, on mobile devices. 

Arena of Valor, otherwise known as Honor of Kings on the Chinese side hit the west by storm, as the player base exploded to now over 200 million downloads.

eSports Events Arena of Valor

The game has also recently unveiled the Non-Pro Tournament which is taking place over the course of November, leading to the finals to be played at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden.

eSports Event Dreamhack Winter 2017

Dreamhack Winter 2017

The NPT features amateur players representing their country in a fight for qualification for the top four slots, out of six participating countries. To help them, famous internet celebrities have been invited to form a second team which will be allowed to play two matches against other internet celebrities from the respective country, in a shot to give the Non-Pros an extra six points to help them qualify.

This week, in the weekly offline fight in Katowice, Poland. Germany will take on the United Kingdom in a head to head clash to earn up to a possible six points with Germany possibly sealing the deal and officially qualifying for Dreamhack Winter. Meanwhile, Italy will face off against France and Sweden will take on Spain in the only matches.


On the card game side, Hearthstone lives on as the Trinity Series is still going strong, with Team Liquid facing off against G2 Esports, and CompLexity taking on Tempo Storm tomorrow evening. A day later, will face off against Misfits and Planet Odd will take on Team Love u Lots.

eSports Event Hearthstone Trinity Series

Hearthstone Trinity Series

The current fight seems to be between CompLexity and Misfits as they lead the table with four wins and one loss. Whilst Team Liquid follow Closely with a 3-2 score.

With only eight matches to go it’ll be a close yet exciting call to see who will come out on top and take that juicy $75,000 1st place prize!

Stay posted as we keep you updated in our esportsonly weekly updates!