Ember Spirit Tips and Tricks: Patch 7.01

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 11, 2017

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Ember Spirit has finally received some nice buffs and is seeing a ton of play in the professional Dota 2 scene. It appears that most pros are shifting toward a new magic Ember build, consisting of items like Veil of Discord, Maelstrom, and even Octarine Core. Here are some neat Ember Spirit tricks to guide you into the new patch!

1. Perma-Searing Chaining Enemies

In the current patch, Ember Spirit can now essentially keep enemies locked in place with Searing Chains forever. To do this, you must choose the 15% cooldown reduction and +2 second Searing Chains talents and buy an Octarine Core. Searing Chains will last for 5 seconds and have a cooldown of 5.1 seconds. Pros almost always go for these 2 talents and end up buying an Octarine Core anyways, so this is a really nice feature for Ember at level 25, turning him into a complete nuisance. 

2. Ember Spirit can use Teleport Scroll while Using Sleight of Fist

Yep, you read that right. If you’re in a dire situation where you’re low mana/out of remnants and need an escape, this can be a somewhat safe option. Find a large creep wave or bunched-up enemies, use Sleight of Fist, then immediately use the Teleport Scroll to get the heck out of there. A crucial precaution is that the teleport must complete after Sleight of Fist is over. For example, if you manage to Sleight over a huge creep wave and TP out, your TP will finish but Sleight of Fist will bring you back as the spell is still not over. This is a pretty rare occurrence though, since you’ll almost never find so many enemies to hit in Sleight of Fist, and you’ll generally be fine starting the TP as soon as Sleight of Fist is casted. 

3. The Magic Ember Item Build

After studying many pro games and looking over my own experiences, the item build for Magic Damage Ember Spirit is the following: Veil of Discord first and then Boots of Travel. Veil of Discord that early on in the game makes Ember such a power house, and he may just be the strongest hero in the early game. 3 Remnant burst + Searing Chains/Flame Guard enhanced by Veil of Discord is sure death for a majority of heroes in the game. After that, you can get a Blink Dagger, Maelstrom, or Blademail; it all depends on the game’s hero composition. Octarine Core or Shiva’s Guard is also a very strong pickup later in the game. 

4. Amazing Monkey King Counter

Since many players are still complaining about Monkey King, you should know that Ember Spirit can be a great counter to him. If the tree Monkey King is perched upon is destroyed, he is stunned for 4 seconds. Well, Ember’s Fire Remnants destroy trees, and 4 seconds will give you plenty of time to deal massive amount of magic damage to him. In addition, Sleight + Chains combo can affect Monkey King while he’s on trees, even if you have no vision of him. Sleight of fist works on all heroes that are in the fog. The damage over time on Searing Chains will stop Monkey King from running away if he has Primal Spring on cool down.