ELEAGUE Premier 2017 Quarterfinals: Expectations and Predictions

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 09, 2017

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Well it has been quite an interesting turn of events this year at the ELEAGUE Premier 2017.  Group A was no surprise with FaZe Clan and G2 coming out on top. Natus Vincere and Renegades were the two nono’s of the group with the Renegades having the second worst round +/- by one.

Group B was a bit of a toss up and North came out on top with ever so hyped Fnatic coming in second. Immortals put up a strong fight beating mousesports and taking North deep into an OT loss. However, they couldn’t beat Fnatic and that was their downfall. Mousesports, on the other hand, were not so lucky… Although they put one map up against Fnatic, they couldn’t win another match to move on.

Group C was another group that anyone could have won. Cloud9 is a well known name in the esports world and they are known because of not just their fanbase, but also because they are quite often a solid team. Cloud9 has been very up and down as of late but they have been on an upswing. Speaking of upswings, the next two teams could have had even odds and it still wouldn’t be enough of a toss-up. Team EnVyUs (the second place team in the group) and Ninjas in Pyjamas both had some great matches, they also both had some terrible ones. Both teams crush Virtus.pro (to no ones surprise) but eventually Envy came out on top with a 2:1 win over NiP.

Group D, aka the heavy hitters group. What a massive upset in Group D, SK Gaming loses three maps to Heroic and it’s not even a small loss. SK won ONE map (overpass 16:8) against Heroic and the rest of the maps SK only won a combined 18 rounds! Maybe this is a massive turn around or maybe SK just wasn’t in it to win it. Somehow SK Also almost lost to the last finished Liquid but Astralis crushed Heroic 16:2, so someone tell me how Heroic did so well! (It’s because the map was train by the way)

Predictions for the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 Quaterfinals matches

Cloud9 vs G2 Esports

cloud 9 versus g2 esports2

This first match is a little tough to call, as G2 really didn’t face any competition. They did lose one match to Na’Vi on Inferno but that being said, they then beat Na’Vi on Inferno in the final map of Groups. I’m taking C9 solely on the fact they went 2-0 and both wins were nearly uncontested.

Fnatic vs Astralis

fnatic versus astralis

This is going to be the highlight reel match of the day. (that is unless Heroic has another standout performance) Astralis beat the team that simply destroyed SK Gaming and Fnatic has been doing work as of late. Both teams are powerhouses in cs:go and although I feel Astralis has the edge, it’s anyone’s game.

FaZe Clan vs Team EnVyUs

faze clan versus team envy us

Sorry Envy, I know you’re doing very well but I just can’t pick you over FaZe. FaZe is coming off a big ESL One: New York win and I don’t see any signs of slowing down in LAN play.

North vs Heroic

north versus heroic

Now this map should be a wash and North should have the win no questions asked. Now I say should because Heroic dominated groups, they broke SK Gaming down into dust and walked away looking like a Gambit upset. I don’t think they have what it takes to move past the quarterfinals but I do look forward to watching this matchup.