Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Clever Hero Tips

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 23, 2017

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Welcome back to another episode of Dota 2 Tips and Tricks. This time we will be focusing on tips associated with heroes and some sneaky tricks that pros have used with them. If you missed previous installments of the series, you can click here, here, or here to view those tips. 

Sprout + Phoenix Supernova Egg

When Supernova is used, the best thing to do is focus your attention on the egg and destroy it. However, if Nature’s Prophet is on the same team as Phoenix, he can just sprout the egg, cutting off the enemy’s vision of it. This is a neat trick to use since it will guarantee that the Supernova finishes and stuns the enemy team.

Spectre’s Desolate still Applies Damage if the Attack is Missed

Most modifiers to an attack, like Fury Swipes, Burning Spears, Skadi slow, etc., will only apply if the main attack does not miss. However, this is not true for Spectre’s Desolate ability. It will still apply the pure damage even if the attack misses. So the next time the Windranger gets off her Windrun at very low HP, go ahead and attack her if she is alone. 

Easy way to Remove Certain Silences, like Silencer’s Last Word, off your Hero 

Silencer’s Last Word ability is quite annoying since it silences your hero for a long time. However, if you are playing Oracle and an enemy Silencer casts this spell on you, you can remove it easily by casting Fortune’s End on yourself. Casting Fortune’s End will first off silence your hero, since casting spells will silence you with the Last Word debuff. But, Fortune’s End  is a purge and will remove the silence. This can also be used for other Silences, such as Blood Rite or Blast Off, since you know you’re going to get hit by them beforehand and can preemptively channel Fortune’s End. 

Pugna can Become Magic and Physical Damage Immune

Currently if a hero is in an ethereal form, such as from ghost scepter, activating Black King Bar will remove the ethereal state and your hero will, thus, be just magic immune. However, Pugna can accomplish both feats. First, just Decrepify yourself, and then activate BKB. It will not remove the Decrepify and you can enjoy your solid 3.5 seconds of physical and magical immunity. This trick does not work with Necrophos’s Ghost Shroud, however. 

 Well, that’s it for this episode. Check back next week for more Dota 2 tips.