Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Stack Camps, Pipe + Hood & More

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 10, 2017

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Hopefully, everyone is enjoying The International 7; here are some neat tips and tricks that will help you in Dota 2!

Stack Camps far away with Kunkka Torrent

That’s right! Torrent stacking is back! Kunkka’s Torrent ability and some others like earthspike, tornado, etc. can actually stack neutral creep camps if used properly. Just use Torrent at 57.5 seconds every minute and the camps should stack. Ancients can also be stacked with this since they are no longer magic immune.

Kunkka Dota 2

Double use of Pipe + Hood

If you’re going to buy Pipe of Insight, press “lock combining” of the Hood of Defiance item then buy the Headress and Pipe recipe. In a team fight, use your Hood active, and when it runs out, hit “unlock combining” to get a new Pipe. You can again use the active of Pipe for even more magic block. This just gives you another use of the item and can win you a team fight.

This trick also works with Arcanes boots + Guardian Greaves. If you lock Arcane Boots and have the rest of the Guardian Greaves items, you can use the Arcane Boots active for mana, unlock combining, and use Guardian Greaves for even more mana. You cannot, however, use Mek twice.

Buy a Bottle for the Late Game

A recent change to Dota 2 was that after 40 minutes of in-game time, power-up runes will spawn at both locations on the river. This means there will always be very useful runes like Double Damage, Illusion, and Arcane runes. If you buy a bottle, you can bottle up one of these useful runes to save for a team fight. A Double Damage can be game-winning.

Many Auras work during Phoenix's Ultimate Supernova and can stop the Egg from dying

During Supernova, enemies will desperately try to destroy the egg quickly. However, if you have a Shiva’s Guard, their attack speed will be reduced by 45. Moreover, if you bought a Radiance, enemies will also gain a 17% miss chance on the Egg, greatly increasing your chance of getting your ultimate off.