Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Neat Hero

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 24, 2017

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Welcome back to another episode of Dota 2 Tips and Tricks. Here we will be talking more about hero specific tips, and if you missed previous editions, you can check them out herehere, and here

Maximum Damage for Tiny Avalanche + Toss Combo

Tiny’s combo does massive damage, but it’s very unfortunate when an enemy falls to ~50 HP and runs away. To maximize the combo’s damage, you must first Avalanche the enemy, wait a split moment, and then use Toss. Using Toss first significantly reduces the combo’s damage.

Using Force Staff will Cancel Spirit Breaker’s Charge

Hurricane Pike too. Getting chased by an annoying cow? Just use Force Staff or Hurricane Pike on him, and the charge will get cancelled. I have never seen someone use this technique in my games before.

Battlefury and Bladefury Interaction

If you buy Battlefury on Juggernaut, you can actually cleave enemy units while you are spinning. This can be useful when spinning down enemies in a creep wave. You can do magic spin damage as well as cleave damage, if you right click the creeps near the enemy hero while in Bladefury. 

Introducing Blink + Silver Edge Phantom Lancer: A BSJ-Approved item build 

I have been playing a lot of Phantom Lancer, and I am convinced that Blink Dagger and Silver Edge are core on PL. So core, that I believe these items can bring him back.

So before I get into my specific item build, let’s go over why Blink and Silver Edge are good on Phantom Lancer. The underlying reason comes down to that these items allow PL to split push and become near unkillable. Why? Well, with his talent “15% CD reduction,” he has lower CD on his doppleganger, Blink, Silver Edge, and even the CD on Blink Dagger when getting hit (3s to 2.55s).

Well, doesn’t he need to build a ton of damage?

Well…not really. With Phantom Rush giving PL and all his illusions 24 agility (24 attack speed and dmg) and diffusal, he actually does a decent amount of damage. With Blink, Silver Edge, and Boots of Travel, you become quite the menace at split pushing.

Well how about at fighting?

Blink Dagger has often been picked up by pros in the past major tournaments, so it is already proven to be a good item. It let’s you get into the fights as well as get out. Heroes with escape abilities will often still die if you initiate with silver edge, and then blink to the direction they escaped to e.g. leaping/pouncing/waveform away. Blink Dagger makes your chasing potential quite good. 

So what is my item build?

Well, I usually start with some regen and stout then soon pick up quelling and PMS. Then my next 3 items will be brown boots, wand, and bottle. Bottle is pretty essential on PL because you will be spamming Spirit Lance to farm and to harass enemies.

The next big item will be diffusal blade followed by boots of travel. Now with this, you are actually quite powerful in terms of dealing dmg. However, your survivability is pretty low still. Also, keep in mind that you want to max doppleganger last (1 value point), since spirit lance and phantom rush are really good for farming.

Getting blink or shadow blade first is up to you. If your team is really ahead, then perhaps Blink is the better first item. Otherwise, opt for shadow blade. I wouldn’t upgrade to silver edge before buying blink though, unless you really need the break value. The next items are up to you to decide, from how the game is going. Manta Style is a pretty mediocre item, and just a situational item in a small number of games. The items I usually end up with are the following: butterfly, skadi, BKB, MKB, abyssal, hex.

So let me know if you had any success with blink + SB on phantom lancer. I think it is really good, invented by our lord and savior BananaSlamJamma.

TL;DR: Blink and Silver Edge are really good on PL because of his 15% cool down reduction talent, the fact that these items make you near unkillable and let you split push, and in low MMR, invisibility: invincibility.