Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Juggernaut Mechanics

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 04, 2017

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Juggernaut is a pretty straight forward hero to play but has very interesting and weird mechanics. He’s probably the strangest hero in the game in terms of his design. Some commonly-known tricks of the hero revolve around casting Blade Fury, such as using items while spinning, spinning and hitting towers, auto attack on enemies while spinning does no damage but procs orbs such as bash and Skadi slow, etc. In this article, I will go over some of the lesser-known Juggernaut tips that you may not even believe until you try it in game. If you missed the previous weekly series of Dota Tips and Tricks, you can find some of them here, here and here.

Spin TP Versus TP Spin

Everyone knows that one of Juggernaut’s biggest strengths is the ability to use Blade Fury and Teleport out during the spell. But did you know you can start your TP and then use Spin? That’s right: Blade Fury does not cancel your Teleport. So you don’t necessarily have to waste spin mana if you think you can safely TP out or you can use Blade Fury during your TP if someone is about to stun you. One important way to use this trick is playing against Disruptor. If you Teleport to a tower, the Disruptor can preemptively cast Static Storm on your TP location.  So you should always cast Blade Fury just right before your TP completes and bait his ultimate and you will have ~5 seconds of magic immunity when you arrive. 

You can Cast Healing Ward During Omnislash

Omnislash is another weird Juggernaut spell. You can actually cast Healing Ward if you spam the button during Omnislash. It can be a useful healing play if you get caught and use Omnislash with very low health. 

Use Items During Omnislash

You can use almost every item in the game during Omnislash. The most common are Abyssal Blade active and Blink Dagger. Omnislash then Blink Dagger is essentially a free escape since you are invulnerable during the spell.

Omnislash Following

Omnislash can be Directed

If you are Omnislashing multiple enemies, you can actually direct the spell toward a specific target. You can do this by simply moving your hero with right clicks like normal. For example, you are Omnislashing 3 different heroes, but one of them is the enemy carry that is running away. You should right click near that specific enemy hero to have the slashes follow that enemy. It is easier with higher movespeed. 

Use Move Command when Chasing with Blade Fury

When trying to kill opponents with Juggernaut’s Spin, use the Move Command on the enemy hero to prevent them from juking you. The game will automatically follow your hero toward the enemy. There is now a new option called “Quick Move” in the settings that makes the Move Command work like Quick Cast. However, be careful when the enemies go into fog. Your hero will just stop chasing since you lost vision of the enemy and will need to manually follow the enemy with your mouse. 

Juggernaut is a very complex hero in terms of mechanics. I’m sure we will continue to discover new things about the hero. Feel free to post any of your own tricks pertaining to Juggernaut.