Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: Beginner Edition

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jul 15, 2017

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Gaining more and more players through the years, Dota 2 has been known globally. With millions of players around the world, it sounds like everyone is familiar with the game, but the truth is, it isn’t as simple as it looks like.

More than a hundred heroes and tons of items from basic consumables to upgraded artifacts. There are hacks here and there to make your role more efficient. But let’s not talk about the advanced tips and cliché tricks; let’s talk about the very small things every beginner must know.

1. For players who find last hitting a big challenge, there’s a setting that makes it easier.

Hover into the options tab on your settings. Under the Game category is the option to force attack a unit on right click. Check that options then bam! You can now deny a friendly unit without clicking your Attack hotkey all the time.

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2. Camps have specific pull and stacking times.

Estimation method when pulling creeps doesn’t work all the time. We see a lot of failed attempts to pull/stack creeps especially in low mmr brackets. Good thing, there is a guide on when to pull/stack creeps effectively.


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3. You can switch main stat of your Power Treads.

This is a method we don’t always see in 2k MMR or even in 3K. There’s a much more detailed explanation about tread switching but the simplest way to say it is: Strength gives more health points, agility provides more attack speed, and Intelligence gives more mana points. So when you are close to dying with enemy team chasing you, switching to strength might save your ass. Also switching to intel before casting a spell saves mana.

4. You can drop your items that increase health and mana points when using shrine.

This method is always seen on pro games. It is done to get more hp or mp points while under the effects or regeneration. Same principle is applied when your team is using AoE regen items, but that’s advanced and requires communication which we don’t usually see on low mmr/starter games. Here’s a video to fully understand the concept of tread switching and item dropping:

5. Lose aggro from towers by right-clicking friendly unit.

We were all in a situation where we try to destroy an enemy tower with an ally group of heroes and creeps but suddenly the tower started to hit you. What most people in pubs do is walk all the way back until they’re out of tower’s attack range. Seriously? Do you do that? Well, say no more. There’s an old trick in the book to lose aggro from towers – just right click to the nearest ally unit and then like magic, tower will redirect its attack towards that unit.

6. You can plant the sentry wards hidden under the trees.

Purpose of this is to avoid being seen by the enemies with True Sight. Sentry ward’s vision is not obstructed and still provides true sight vision within its range regardless of terrain.

7. Planting wards inside spawnboxes disables creep respawn.

This tactic has been known for many but there are still who are not aware of this. A unit present in the spawnbox during neutral creeps’ respawn time will disable its spawn. This is a good strategy to counter afk junglers – be it your enemy or your team mate.


8. Last pieces of advice.

Abovementioned ideas are only few of the many tips in the game. Dota 2’s mechanic requires not only skills but also critical thinking. Learn when to use items, learn to save mana, always carry a tp scroll, and avoid being toxic. To fully understand Dota 2, keep on playing and lastly, git gud.