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What is DOTA 2?

Defence of the ancients 2 is the stand­ alone sequel to the first original version, which was a Dota Strategy custom map created with the help of Warcraft III map editor. The community created mod soon became very popular and due to its emergence in esports, it later paved the way for the future MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles. However, many DotA veterans claim that DotA, DotA Allstars, etc. belongs to the ARTS (Action RTS) genre. In 2009 Valve hired Icefrog, one of the lead designers of the original DotA, to begin the development of DOTA 2. The game was officially released in July 2013, following an open beta phase that began two years prior. Today, DOTA 2 is well known for its strong presence in the Esports community, its addictiveness, its unique style and the history behind its predecessor, the original DotA.

Dota 2 Strategy Gameplay

In DOTA 2, two teams, each containing 5 players, face-off against each other in a map which contains a river in the middle.
The River separates the Radiant team(On the lower side of the map) from the Dire Team(On the upper side of the map).
Each player controls a special unit called a Hero. Each hero has unique abilities and attributes and thus each hero has their respective unique play-style.
Each team has a base on opposite corners of the map, at the hearts of which lie their respective ancients. To win the game, each team wage war against each other for the sole purpose of destroying their opponent's ancient with Dota 2 Strategy in mind, which is the only way to secure victory.

Dota 2 Strategy map

However, to reach their opponent's ancient, players must agree on a  Dota 2 Strategy to fight through the enemy lanes, each of which contains 3 towers. And once they arrive at the enemy base, players will face 5 more towers, 6 barracks(which spawn creeps) and 15 other miscellaneous buildings. Each base also has a fountain where the Heroes replenish their health and mana.

As for the opposing team who takes on the the Radiant, they follow a Dota 2 Strategy knowing that the top lane is the shortest (the off lane) and the bottom lane is the longest (the safe lane). For the dire, the off lane is the one at the bottom and the safe lane is the one at the top.

Between the lanes, lie the jungle camps. Every 1 minutes, neutral creeps spawn in the jungle camps, provided that the camps are empty to begin with.

Each side also contains a jungle camp with higher level creeps known as the ancient creeps.

At the right side of the river, exists a pit which the fearsome Roshan calls home.

Every two minutes, two runes spawn in the river which gives unique effects to the player depending on the rune, once they are consumed.

Throughout the Dota 2 Strategy gameplays, the heroes gain experience points and gold based on destroying towers and killing creeps, Roshan, enemy heroes, etc. They then use the experience points to make their heroes stronger. The gold is used to buy items which further strengthens the heroes.

Due to its design DOTA 2 is, by all means, a team game. Players must communicate and plan with each other a Dota 2 Strategy to outwit their enemies and win the battle.

Widely known as hard to master, time-consuming, etc. DOTA 2 still holds its unofficial title as one of the most complex games of its genre.

However, that doesn't stop newer players from being drawn to one of the biggest names in Esports, that is, DOTA 2.

Dota 2 Strategy on Characters and Skins

Heroes in DOTA 2 have one of three primary attributes:

  1. Strength
  2. Agility
  3. Intelligence 

There are also certain roles that can be filled by certain heroes, depending on the situation.

These roles are :

Carry, Disabler, Initiator, Jungler, Support, Durable, Nuker, Pusher and Escape.

As of yet, there are 111 heroes in DOTA 2. Two more heroes are soon to be added by the end of Fall 2016.

Players do not need to unlock any heroes in DOTA 2. Every single hero is available to play with once a person steps into DOTA 2.

Valve is well known for the adundance of cosmetic items they provide in their games. DOTA 2 is no exception.

There are thousands of released cosmetic items that could help to achieve a DOTA 2 strategy. These include couriers, equipment for heroes, gems, charms, treasures, wards, HUD skins, Loading screens, announcers, taunts, pets, terrain, music, effects, etc.

Cosmetic items can be bought with real money.

Rarely, players may also receive random item drops within the game, depending on the time they spent playing DOTA 2.

Cosmetic Items customize visual elements within DOTA 2. These modifications are purely graphical and do not affect mechanics or Dota 2 Strategy gameplays. 


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