Dota 2 Betting Odds


Betting odds are numerical expressions that are expressed in pairs of numbers. They’re utilized in forms of gambling like esports betting.

In Dota 2 betting, the odds don’t exactly reflect the probabilities; rather, they’re the ratio of payoff to a stake.

Odds can be expressed in several ways. All in all, there are three types of odds used in esports betting.

As a better, you must know what they are and how they differ from each other.

Often, odds are written in three different formats: implied probability, decimal, or fractional. 

  • Decimal Odds 

Decimal odds provide the easiest conversion from stake to return. They’re easy to understand and bet on.

Basically, you multiply your stake by the odds shown. The return is the product of the stake and the odds. Return is the amount that you’ll receive if your bet wins.

  • Fractional Odds

When you see an odd represented by two numbers separated by a slash, it’s a fractional odd.

Fractional odds can be calculated with ease. The denominator is the amount of your bet, and the numerator is the profit.

To compute your winnings, add the numerator to the denominator. So if your bet wins, you will get the maximum amount that your bet yields and the amount that you have wagered.

  • Implied Probability

Implied probability is a way to convert odds into percent form.

It represents the probability of a bet to win. It’s inaccurate at times. That’s why it’s seldom utilized.

To compute a return on probability odds, divide 100 by the given probability odds.

Once you get the answer in decimal form, multiply the decimal odds with the stake in order to calculate the return.

The best DOTA 2 betting platforms offer odds in fractional and decimal formats so that bettors can easily understand them.

For example, a decimal odd of 4.00 is also written as 3/1. This implies that you will receive 6.00 if a 2.00 bet wins.

History and Origins

The word odds was first coined in the early sixteenth century. This means that it has been used even before the probability theory was developed.

During those days, Cardano, a 16th-century polymath, demonstrated the efficiency of defining odds as the ratio of unfavourable to favourable outcomes. Phrases like ten to one were used for estimated risks.

This implies that the chance of an event to take place is expressed by the ratio of favourable scenarios to the total number possible.

How to Bet on DOTA2:

 How can I place my Dota 2 Bets 1

1)    Find a licensed and registered DOTA2 sportsbook.

2)    Create an account on your chosen betting website.

3)    Claim the welcome bonus.

4)    Know how DOTA2 is played.

5)    Get facts about the upcoming matchups.

6)    Study the statistics of the leading teams.

7)    Read the latest DOTA2 news and trends.

8)    Bet wisely.

Why Bet on DOTA2

Why Bet on Dota2

Partner Sites offering the best DOTA2 betting odds

Many sportsbooks on the web offer esports betting for prominent online games like DOTA2, COD, and CS:GO. However, only some of them are legit and most of them provide only one kind of odd for every match.

Furthermore, most online esports betting platforms don’t operate legally. So they’re not constricted by rules and regulations. In other words, they’re free to steal your funds or skins anytime they want.

To avoid getting scammed by fraudulent betting websites and to get to choose from various betting options, sign up with a sportsbook that has the following features: secured, reliable, various payout options, licensed and regulated, accessible, with welcome bonuses and 24/7 customer care.

It must also offer more than two types of betting odds, and several betting options.

On some websites, you can play for money and skins, but they only offer conventional betting odds and options. Some sites may be safe and secured, but they don’t provide freebies.

The betting platform that you must choose mustn’t only be regulated and licensed, but also flexible, user-friendly, customer-friendly, and reliable.

Furthermore, it must also have a section for betting odds and esports news and trends. An objective section and betting odds section can help you make a winning wager.


betway esports offers

Betway provides superb coverage of esports tournaments and news. You can also find viral videos related to esports on their website. They are always updated with the latest news about DOTA2.

Betway’s special esports blog features DOTA2 articles. These write-ups can help you get facts on the top players and teams.

The best feature of betway is its betting options. There are lots of them. You can go for a max bet, all in, the underdog, Asian handicaps, first blood bet, bet on the team with the first 10 kills, etc.

There is also a special board where you can wager whether or not DOTA2 will be a part of the 2030 winter Olympics.


  • Betway is licensed and regulated.
  • It offers several betting options and odds
  • It provides secured payment methods
  • The website is user-friendly and accessible.
  • Get €10 after creating an account.
  • Standard accounts can avail premium offers.
  • The odds section is customizable.

GG Bet Logo is a relatively new sportsbook. But it has a growing number of audience and users.

Like Betway, is also a licensed betting platform. It is registered in Curacao as an egaming betting company.

You can access using a desktop or a mobile device such as a laptop or mobile phone.

Download the application on App Store or Google Play so you can place bets any time of the day.


  • Gives away lots of free codes for bonuses.
  • It’s accessible anywhere in the world except in Antarctica.
  • You can choose from a variety of payment methods when topping up and withdrawing winnings.
  • provides several odds for each DOTA2 match on the website.

Pinnacle Esports 

Pinnacle logo

When you visit the website of this sportsbook, the first thing you’ll see and admire is its betting platform. It’s black, customer-friendly, and easy to use.

Everything is there. The link for the news, betting odds, DOTA2 tournaments and matches, blog posts, and viral videos are on the homepage.

Everything you need to do and know before wagering can be done in one click. You don’t have to dig deep to find what you’re looking for at Pinnacle Sports.

To see the odds of a match, login or sign up. To place a bet immediately after registration, claim your welcome reward, check the odds, pick a match, and wager.


  • Creating a Pinnacle Sports account is easy. Just provide your billing details, choose a mode of payment, pick a username and password, and you’re ready to top up and bet.
  • Pinnacle Sports provides live betting for The International. TI is the biggest annual DOTA2 tournament in the whole world.
  • Like the other three above, this betting website also offers many betting odds and options.
  • You can withdraw winnings through different payment methods.
  • Pinnacle is registered in Malta. For the provision of esports betting, it’s licensed under the Class II Gaming License MGA.


Rivalry Stacked

Rivalry is an up-and-coming sportsbook for esports such as DOTA2, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: WW2.

People who are new to esports betting tend to choose this bookmarker because registration is free here. You can start betting without depositing any amount of money.

Also, the Rivalry website is user-friendly and the mobile platform is free to install.

Each section provides a beginner-friendly explanation. When you point your mouse cursor to a clickable icon, a small dialog box appears. It explains the purpose and relevance of that option.

The bonuses and promotions are another well-loved feature by newbie bettors.

By claiming your bonus, you can bet on a match and use the free funds to win and grow your earnings. It’s recommended for beginners to bet on conventional options.


  • There are many promotions, rewards, and bonuses in
  • The minimum bet is $0.50.
  • Rivalry is licensed by the Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission.
  • Get $1.50 free betting fund after registration.
  • You can get up to $350 for free from their bonuses.

More About Dota2 Betting Odds

 More About Dota2 betting Odds

In esports betting, your decisions determine whether your bet will win or not. Luck only plays a small part.

Making money isn’t easy, even in gambling. There are days that you could earn lots of cash and there are days that you could lose everything you have.

Only some bettors make profits regularly. They’re the people who gather facts and weigh circumstances.

To be one of them, you’ve to overcome some challenges in esports betting.

The list below enumerates the issues that you may face when choosing a match to bet on.

  • Betting odds don’t always match a team’s probability of winning.
  • Going All-in is tempting. But remember that you can lose all your winnings by doing it.
  • Chasing back loses is common among bettors. That’s why they lose everything in the end if they aren’t careful and can’t control themselves. You need to know when to quit if you want to start betting.
  • Some bettors forget to check the odds tracker before wagering on a match. They disregard the importance of assessing probability.
  • It’s tantalizing to bet on every available match. Don’t do this. You must be wise. Contemplate about the betting odds available before wagering.

Is Choosing Betting Odds Easy?

 Is Choosing Betting Odds Easy

Finding value in the betting odds is an optimal way to earn from esports betting. If you’re just a better, it is, in fact, the only way to earn from the industry.

In general, choosing betting odds is easy. After all, you only have to check the odds section and customize how you view the odds or pick an option.

Many bettors utilize the betting odds in wagering. Of course, they tend to bet on the team that shows the highest chance of winning, and you must too. To come up with a winning wager is the reason why odds were invented in the first place.

Eports betting has been around for decades. On October 1972, the first esport was held at the Stamford University for the game called Spacewar.

Today, esports has become a lucrative industry. Millions of people are earning from it. Large operators of sportsbook are turning their attention to every popular video game out there such as DOTA2 and COD. This provides opportunities, betting odds, and options for new bettors and experienced betting enthusiasts.