Dennis Edman

Dennis ‘Dennis’ Edman

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Dennis ‘Dennis’ Edman

Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman is a 26-year-old Swedish CS:GO cyber athlete who is currently competing for Fnatic. He takes on the role of rifler or AWP particularly known for his insane targets and swift control of the map, making him the best USP competitor in the world. Having been in the esports scene for a number of years he is considered to be a veteran who enjoys playing Counter-Strike.

Where it all began:

CStrike 1.6

Dennis began his gaming career back in 2008 competing in Counter-Strike 1.6 for his first team duttdutt, moving on with other teams like Playzone, RG-Esports and SK Gaming. In 2012, Edman made the switch to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, acquiring swift control of maps with his accurate aim and dynamic plays that give more options to game strategies.

Aside from ranking 18th place in his home country, Sweden, have voted Dennis as the top 20th best Counter-Strike player of 2016.

The Team:

fnatic csgo team 17

Dennis joined the current Fnatic CS:GO roster in November 2015, a leading sport organization with its headquarters based in United Kingdom. The Counter-Strike lineup includes Olofmeister, Dennis, KRiMZ, JW, Flusha and Jumpy famous for their dangerous moves and tactics.

Competition Participation:

Edman together with his unit have taken part in Premier events like the Intel Extreme Masters XI World Championship, DreamHack Masters, EPICENTER and ESL Pro league among many other matches.

Dreamhack Masters Vegas 17

While competing for Fnatic, Dennis and the squad defeated some good CS teams like G2 Esports, Mousesports, Luminosity, Astralis and Natus Vincere. The team plays Counterstrike for themselves and for no one else so they will not feel the sense of competition and pressure.


Dennis competed for Fnatic in the most recent Eleague Season 1, reaching the semi-finals they lost to Virtus Pro with the score 0:2, scooping his highest prize of $140K.

His second greatest reward was while with Fnatic at the Intel Extreme Masters X – World Championship. The unit came out victorious over Luminosity with the score 3:0, they took home the first prize of $104K.