cs_summit 2 Final Day Predictions and Betting Tips

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 10, 2018

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We’re in the fourth and final day of the cs_summit 2 tournament and only three teams are left in this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition. These teams are SK Gaming, Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Here’s what we know about them, what they’ve done so far at this event and what we predict will happen next.

CS Summit 2 Schedule and Table

CS Summit 2 Schedule and Table. Photo via Beyond The Summit

cs_summit 2 Top Three Teams Analysis


Because they had won the ELEAGUE Major, defeating teams like G2 Esports, SK Gaming and Faze Clan in the process, Cloud9 entered this tournament as one of the two teams with the highest chances of winning the event. And they didn’t disappoint. They easily won their first two matches against Heroic (2 – 0) and Team Liquid (2 – 0) and then went on to play against SK Gaming in the Winners’ Final.

Their match against the Brazilians was a convincing victory (score 2 – 0). As a result of winning this match Cloud9 is qualified for the Grand Final, where they will face the winner between SK Gaming and Team Liquid.

SK Gaming

Overall, they’ve been the strongest CS:GO team in the world over the last 12 months and won no less than 8 tournaments during this time, including the previous edition of cs_summit. Furthermore, after the ELEAGUE Major they went back to their original formation (with boltz as their fifth player instead of felps), so you could say that they’re at full strength right now and playing the style of Counter-Strike they enjoy the most. Subsequently, SK Gaming entered the cs_summit 2 tournament as one of the favorites to claim the title.

Their performances so far have been slightly inconsistent. They easily won against Torqued (2 – 0) but then struggled to take the victory against North. They still won that match with the score of 2 – 0, but they only barely won each map (16 – 13 on Cobblestone and 22 – 20 on Inferno). Having lost their next match against Cloud9 in the Winners’ Final, they will face Team Liquid in the Losers’ Final.

Team Liquid

They seem to have recovered quite a bit after their terrible performance at the ELEAGUE Major, where they had to play with their coach zews instead of a standard player. The acquisition of NAF from Renegades has boosted the team’s strength and morale, as they are now fighting for a place in the Grand Final of an important CS:GO tournament with some world class participants and a substantial prize pool ($150K).

Team Liquid’s record so far at cs_summit 2 is 3 wins (2 – 1 against Ninjas in Pyjamas, 2 – 0 against Torqued and 2 – 0 against Heroic) and 1 loss (0 – 2 against Cloud9).

cs_summit 2 Day 4 Match Predictions

Losers’ Final – SK Gaming vs. Team Liquid

This match between SK Gaming and Team Liquid has at least a 90% chance of ending with a 2-0 victory for SK. The skill difference between these two teams is pretty big at the moment and this is also reflected in the odds. Both GG.BET and Betway have SK Gaming as the clear favorite in this dispute. You can easily bet with very low risks not just on the result of the match itself, but also on the individual maps.

Grand Final

Cloud 9 CS:GO Squad at The Summit

Cloud 9 CS:GO Squad at The Summit. Photo via https://www.flickr.com/photos/beyondthesummittv

This will almost surely be a rematch between Cloud9 and SK Gaming. And unfortunately for the Brazilian fans, Cloud9 will definitely win again, probably without dropping a single map. The North American team simply destroyed SK Gaming in the Winners’ Final. They dominated them in every respect and won both maps (Overpass and Inferno) with the score of 16 – 9. Since there’s no time for the Brazilian team to prepare and change their strategies for this rematch, their likelihood of success is almost zero.

The situation is clearly in Cloud9’s favor. But, in spite of this fact, Betway will probably still offer excellent returns for a bet on a Cloud9 victory. So don’t miss the opportunity to make some easy money!