CSGO ESL Pro League Season 6 Sorrows and Surprises

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Sep 11, 2017

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The CS GO ESL Pro League Season 6 (for those who don’t know) is (for EU fans) like the Rugby Union for Rugby teams or like (for NA fans) the NHL for hockey teams.  It’s the top for seasonal teams and is where you get weekly action, with the best teams in the world competing against each other.  Tournaments are a true test because they’re LAN play and that’s how you get teams falling off in the ESL since weekly matches are online.

This could be the reason why we are seeing some teams on the bottom of the totem pole, who have me scratching my head wondering how they got there.  

CS GO ESL Pro League Season 6 isn’t working out for…

Starting off with a fan favorite, Cloud9.  Cloud 9 have built an esports reputation for themselves and a large fan base but two new additions aren’t really working out.  Tarik and RUSH have yet to replace shroud and n0thing.  Those are some LARGE shoes to fill and seeing as Cloud9 is currently 2-4, they aren’t up to a good start.  

It seems as though C9 is struggling with each match as they only won 28 rounds total in their last 3 matches (that’s with one win).  Their win on Train redeemed their last Train loss and with coming matches against ghost and Splyce it’s looking like the struggle might be over but only time will tell.

Speaking of Ghost

With being a new team on top of multiple roster changes in the past couple of months, Ghost has had a lot to overcome and it doesn’t look like they will overcome anything unless… they get Nuke.

Nuke is the only map they’ve won on, let alone put up a fight considering they’ve only broken double digits once this season (10:16 to OpTic).  That being said, coming up this week they play Rogue and Rogue is the only team doing worse than Ghost (0-6 to their 1-7).

Not to Pick on NA

Now I don’t want you to think NA is the only region looking rough this season!  Let’s head over to EU and look at some bombs hanging their heads as they shuffle into week 3.


They’ve had a decent 2017, racking up close to $100k USD in winnings so far but also almost getting relegated out of the ESL Pro League.  They are currently trying out two new players and it hasn’t stuck for them yet.  Sitting at 2-8 it’s not like they haven’t put up a fight! That is until their last 3 matches where they’ve only scored a measly 20 rounds.

Another EU washout is LDLC.  

Now not that I had high hopes and yes I understand they’ve only played two matches so far this year, but LDLC is not Pro League worthy.  LDLC has hardly made enough money to pay minimum wage for one person this year.  It could be their most recent coach Krav and it could also be the mix of nationalities.  We’ve seen LoL communication issues time after time and even though EU teams all generally aren’t as different as English to Korean, there can still be problems. Maybe it’s that players are getting stale? It’s hard to tell especially after 2 matches but just knowing their history I don’t expect improvement without some drastic changes.