Christopher ‘GrimReality’ Schaefer

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Apr 26, 2017

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Christopher ‘GrimReality’ Schaefer

Christopher ‘GrimReality’ Schaefer is a seventeen year old pro gamer that hails from California. He trains and competes in Overwatch, taking on the position of DPS for Immortals.

All his life he wanted to be a top player in Overwatch, making his dream a reality being a part of a top team like Immortals. Having been practicing for over a year, GrimReality plays his best performances with champions like McCree, RoadHog and Genji.

Where it all began:

LOL wall

Christopher always liked the fact you can win playing games. He was an esports fan following League of Legends competitions. Schaefer was intrigued by the future of the video game Overwatch, full of animation, a first-person-shooter with an objective, so he practised and trained and from then on he has never stopped pro gaming.

The Team:

Immortals is an American esports gaming association popular for its League of legends team. Through the success of their first LOL roster, they have grown to strengthen esports expanding their company to support squads in Overwatch, CS:GO, VainGlory and Super Smash Bros.

Immortals OW team

Immortals signed the former Sodipop roster to creating the OW lineup in September 2016. The company announced their new roster that includes GrimReality, Agilities, Hyped, nomy, Aythen and Verbo.

Competition Participation:

Overwatch Carbon Series event

Immortals OW unit have participated in the most recent Overwatch Carbon Series, Alienware Monthly Melee: February, BasetradeTV Cup, Carbon Masters November 2016 and Overwatch Open. In some of competitions that IMT have taken part, the squad have beaten Luminosity, Selfless Gaming and Cloud 9.


GrimReality and his team, Immortals have won their greatest achievement yet in the Major Overwatch Winter Premiere. IMT won over Ghost Gaming with the score of 3:1, proudly claiming their $40K prize.

Having been with Immortals since September, GrimReality has competed in Overwatch earning him $10K in a span of eight months.