Anivia: The Cryophoenix

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Feb 25, 2017

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With the very recent skin reveal for Anivia, it’s inevitable that you’ll find the usual groups of people who flock to the champion just because it’s the current focus of whatever is going on in the game. This article is designed specifically for you lot who may want an insight into what this character has to offer. You’re welcome.

Passive – Rebirth

Yep. Even her passive is a pain for her enemies. As you might very well guess from the title, Anivia gives a very icy middle finger to whoever manages to kill her by turning into a frozen egg once her health bar has been depleted, only to be reincarnated after 6 seconds of waiting. But hey, you still managed to reduce her health to 0 so it counts as a kill right? Wrong. If Anivia gets turned into “Eggnivia” after being dealt fatal damage, you don’t get your due gold and experience. You do get to see a cool animation of a spirit ball slowly descending into an egg I guess, so yay?

P.S. Yes her name really does become “Eggnivia” once she’s an egg. Don’t believe me? Try typing anything into the chat window once you’re in egg form. You’re welcome.


Q Ability – Flash Frost

So let’s get the “bad” part out of the way so we can focus on the rest. This ability is slow. VERY slow. I’m talking rush hour traffic slow here.

Got it? Great. Now on with the rest.

Ever wanted to stun a group of enemies while drifting away peacefully? Wish you could damage an enemy twice with the same ability by exploiting a technicality in how it works? Well then look no further than here. By gathering up her frozen energy, Anivia fires off a huge chunk of icy goodness in a straight line, damaging and slowing anyone it passes through.  


Once the ice block reaches the end of it’s path, or upon reactivation of the ability, it explodes, dealing damage in an area and stunning anyone sorry enough to be within walking distance of the blast. Oh and remember how I said you can damage enemies twice with the same ability? Just let the ice block pass through an enemy before exploding it. Once again, you’re welcome.

W Ability – Crystallize

My views on this ability should be of no surprise to anyone who has read my “Top 10 Infuriating Abilities” article, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s the rundown.


Anivia raises an icy wall that blocks any and all enemies, and acts just like any other piece of terrain in the game. Simple enough yeah? Well while that may be so, correct usage of this ability can literally mean victory or defeat.

To summarize, here’s your team’s reaction to a well placed Crystallize:


Now here’s their reaction to a badly placed one.


You’re welcome.

Ultimate ability – Glacial Storm

“But wait! What about her E ability!” I hear you say as you judge me for how bad of a writer I am. Well you can calm down, I haven’t forgotten it, but truth be told I’d rather explain what this ability does before moving on to what I believe to be the real damage dealing ability in this ancient bird’s kit. Mmkay? Let’s go.


So when using her ultimate ability, Anivia calls down a Glacial Storm in a small area that grows to a predefined size over a period of a few seconds. This ability stays active for as long as Anivia still has enough mana to sustain it, until it has been manually deactivated, or until Anivia has traveled too far from the initial area. Anyone that passes through the ability gets slowed and damaged for every second that they remain within said area.

The downside? Well you’d better have bought a few mana items if you plan on keeping this ability active for more than 3 seconds. You’re welcome.

E Ability – Frostbite

And here we are. The ability that has the potential to turn any squishy character into an ice-pop in less than a second. This point and click ability has Anivia blast the enemy with a very pointy chunk of ice that deals about as much damage as an auto-attack would deal. Exciting right? Wrong.


Ah but wait; should the enemy be stunned by her Q ability or damaged by her fully formed Ultimate, this ability turns into the equivalent of an ultimate in terms of damage. Seriously, this ability was so powerful that Anivia was given a mini-rework just to get around how it works (the GIF is pre-rework, so the bonus damage was applied even before the ultimate was fully formed). Just search for some Anivia plays on youtube and you’ll get what I mean. And for one last time, you’re welcome.


But yeah, that covers my rundown of this icy bird. Enjoy trolling your team-mates by thinking that you’re a pro at playing her just because you got your lesson on how she works from me. (Just don’t play ranked with her unless you really know how to use her, those games actually matter to some people ya know?)

Are you an Anivia main? Are you still learning how to use her? Got anything to say which I might have missed? Sound off in the comments, and I’ll see you again next week.

Until then, cya!!!