Adam ‘Adam’ Eckel

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Mar 14, 2017

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Adam ‘Adam’ Eckel

Adam ‘Adam’ Eckel is an American pro player, taking the supportive role for the squad. He provides consistent and high level support for his unit through his signature champions Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta and Symmetra to help win matches.

Where it all began:

Before taking on OW, Adam had a strong gaming background in World of Warcraft as a Guild leader and also played Counter-Strike 1.6 casually with friends.

WOW game

Adam started competing Overwatch in October 2015 with his former team ‘google me’ where he was invited to an OW match. From then on he liked the game sense and team work aspect, playing with his friends to win the tournament as well as watching replays to improve on his mistakes.

The Team:

The North American C9 unit supports teams playing different games like Dota 2, LOL, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, OW, Vain Glory and Super Smash.  Cloud 9 Overwatch was founded in March 2016 by Jack Etienne who wanted to expand the company, signing up the former google me players.

Cloud 9 Overwatch team5

Over time, the roster went through a few changes that included a new coach, Bishop and the most recent addition of Gods that replaces KyKy who left the squad. Cloud 9 Overwatch lineup consists of Surefour, Adam, Ryb, Mendokusaii, Roolf and Gods.

Competition Participation:

Cloud 9 Overwatch has participated in the Monthly tournaments like Carbon Masters 2016 and Alienware Monthly Melee, Operation Breakout and other many other OW Tournaments.

Carbon Masters OW

Cloud 9 have had the opportunity and experience to compete against some of the top teams like Immortals, Faze Clan, Team Liquid and Complexity Gaming.


The great achievement for Adam together with his C9 team was at the Overwatch Open defeated by EnVyUS. They finished in fifth place scooping their highest prize of $18K.

Another most recent win was at the Major League Gaming Vegas 2016, ranking in third place, taking home their second highest reward of $12K.