Yell0wStaR Announces Retirement

By: Aaron.Albertson
Oct 19, 2016

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Fnatic’s Yell0wStaR announced his retirement Wednesday night after playing professionally for six consecutive seasons.

Yellowstar was one of the few remaining players who had been around since the conception of professional League of Legends. Spending the majority of his career with Fnatic, Yellowstar won the European League Championship series 5 times over his storied career.

Although Yellowstar was rarely the most mechanically gifted on his teams, he was often the selected shot caller. His knowledge of macro game moves enabled him to lead his team to the Worlds’ Semifinals three times, and advanced to the Finals in Season One.

Yellowstar’s final season was one that could be easily forgotten. He spent the spring of 2016 with Team Solomid in North America. The team struggled during the regular season, going 9-9, but was able to make the LCS Finals. They lost to Counter-Logic Gaming in 5 games.

Yellowstar then backtracked.

Heading to an environment that would be more comfortable for the veteran, hope around his fanbase was that his abilities would renew. Those hopes were dashed as Yellowstar and Fnatic looked like shells of their former selves. Fnatic finished fifth during the Summer Split.

Despite his troubling final frame, Yellowstar made the finals of the LCS in every split he played, minus the last one. He brought consistency and professionalism alongside every time he stepped forward onto the Rift. He was truly one of the better, if not the best, face for the League of Legends professional scene. He will be sorely missed by fans and fellows players alike.