What to Watch For: SK Telecom vs Royal Never Give Up

By Aaron Albertson
on Oct 13, 2016

SK Telecom T1 will meet Royal Never Give Up in the Quarter-Finals of World's 2016 on Friday at 3 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

SKT looked to be the strongest team throughout the group stages, closely followed by SSG and the Rox Tigers.  Royal Never Give Up looked decent-enough throughout groups, but struggled a bit against SSG, eventually ending up in the second seed.  

fakerThere will be a couple matchups to watch, though. Primarily the top and adc pairings. It might come as a shock to leave out the mid-lane matchup, but considering Faker has been arguably the best, and most consistent, player in the world for the better part of the previous four seasons, expect him to win the middle lane methodically.  

And sometimes, methodical isn't fun to talk about. 

So, on to the top matchup! Looper and Duke should be a fun pairing to watch. Duke seemed to enjoy the Trundle pick. He picked it twice, won both times, and posted a 19 KDA. That pick becomes even more interesting considering Poppy's popularity of the tournament. Looper is a prolific Poppy, but the threat of Duke's Trundle may push him and RNG away from full-tank top laners. 

Next, we have the bot lane matchup. Uzi has already efficiently removed Doublelift from the tournament. Could he possibly remove Bang, too? Probably not. Bang has the second highest CS per minute in the entirety of the tournament, but Uzi is only slot behind him at third. Both are very good Ezreals, but seeing the prevalence of Jhin and Caitlyn from the first quarterfinal, we'll have to wait and see if either AD Carry elects to play Ezreal.   

All-in-all, SKT looks way better on paper than RNG. It's possible for RNG to take a game from the defending champions, but Faker and his chronies look just to good to be derailed by anyone not named ROX or SSG.  

Riot games will start the stream at 5 pm Central Standard Time, or 3 pm PT. 

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