What to do with Inferno

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 16, 2016
One of the most played and loved maps on all of Counter Strike, “Inferno” recently underwent some change as the map was given a damn good facelift. New Inferno is beautiful to say the least, and many agree it belongs somewhere in the Active Duty map pool. Below I will take a look at some of the current active duty maps that I believe Inferno may replace post the Eleague major.

Dust 2

dust 2

Dust 2 has been a staple of Counter Strike for many years. It’s simplicity attracts many players, and it is one of the most exciting to watch as a spectator. While it is not “broken” like some other maps are believed to be, Dust 2 could certainly use some new textures ( blocky textures in mid). Dust 2 does not deserve to leave the pool because of gameplay problems, however it does have some very lackluster textures. I would happily see inferno replace this map for a couple of months in order to see some revamped textures on Dust 2. 



Cobble is an extremely unique map, and it is one that has been around the Counter Strike scene for nearly forever. While cobble still has some extremely exciting matches played on it, I feel however it is one of the weaker in the map pool. The B bomb site is to easy to take as terrorists, while this bomb site is also very difficult to retake. It has some flaws, however I do not believe it is the most flawed map in the pool, therefore it should not be the one to leave the pool in my opinion.



Nuke used to be a favorite map by many, and following operation wildfire, underwent a map changing update. This update certainly improved the overall look of Nuke, however from a gameplay standpoint, I’m still not a fan of this map. Nuke is as close to broken as any map in the pool. Rotation between bomb sites can be ridiculously quick, and the location of spawns lead to less fast paced play. Nuke is extremely CT sided, and many top tier teams refuse to even play the map. I know nuke just got put in the pool and we should give it some time, however I would happily see it get booted to the reserve pool for new Inferno.

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