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Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar is a 21-year-old dedicated Dota 2 pro who is currently a part of the Digital Chaos roster. Since he joined DC in March 2016, Omar plays the solo middle position with his favourite Dota 2 character, Skywrath Mage.  


W33 admires another pro Dota 2 top player, Dendi from Natus Vincere for his fascinating mentality and for the way he takes care of his esports fans.

Where it all began:

When Aliwi was just 8-years-old, he did not like school much, he preferred to play his favourite video game, Counter-Strike.


At the LAN café where he used to play CS, he saw a few other guys who were playing Dota and gave it a try since it was the trend at the time. Omar started playing Dota 2 in 2011, becoming a famous pubstar. The first team he joined was with the Balkan Bears, a squad that Omar himself formed among friends. Although the squad did not accomplish good results, w33 showed off his ability to play the solo mid position.

The Team:

Digital Chaos Dota team2

W33 is presently part of the Digital Chaos roster. DC is an American company that ranks fourth best esports team in the world. The dota squad was created by Sunsfan, a former caster, in August 2015.

Competition Participation:

W33 has attended several esports tournaments; these include The Boston Major, The Summit 6, The Frankfurt Major 2015, World Cyber Arena 2015 – European Pro Qualifiers and many more events.

WCA 2015

While Omar played for Team Secret, they managed to beat famous squads like Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses and Na’Vi. Adding to his list of achievements is when Omar competed for Digital Chaos that won over world teams like Vici Gaming, Complexity and Newbee.


The greatest achievement for w33 was at The International 2016, where Team Secret lost to the TI6 champions, Wings Gaming. Finishing in second place, DC scooped their highest reward yet of a staggering $ 3.4 million.

The second amazing achievement for w33 was when he played for Team Secret at The Shanghai Major 2016. They reached the finals beating Team Liquid with the result of 3:1, taking home the reward of a sensational $1.1 million.

Tournament Placing

23 Nov 2016Elimination Mode 2.04th$2,000.00Dota 2
20 Nov 2016The Summit 65th-6th$3,500.00Dota 2
13 Aug 2016The International 20162nd$3,427,126.00Dota 2
24 Jul 2016SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 (Dota 2)5th-6th$15,000.00Dota 2
17 Jul 2016The Summit 55th-6th$3,537.00Dota 2
10 Jul 2016Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 24th$7,550.00Dota 2
12 Jun 2016The Manila Major 20169th-12th$45,000.00Dota 2
6 Mar 2016The Shanghai Major 20161st$1,110,000.00Dota 2
31 Jan 2016MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter 20157th-8th$6,932.00Dota 2
17 Jan 2016SL i-League XIV Finals (Dota 2)5th-6th$15,000.00Dota 2
21 Nov 2015The Frankfurt Major 20152nd$405,000.00Dota 2
1 Nov 2015Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 11st$109,526.00Dota 2
18 Oct 2015MLG World Finals 2015 (Dota 2)1st$113,982.00Dota 2
4 Oct 2015ESL One New York 20152nd$57,324.00Dota 2
24 Sep 2015WCA 2015 European Qualifiers (Dota 2)1st$45,000.00Dota 2
30 Jun 2015Game Show Dota 2 Invitational1st$7,000.00Dota 2
11 Jun 2015MSI Dragon Battle #61st$1,688.76Dota 2
26 May 2015Esportal Finals5th-8th$2,130.00Dota 2
20 May 2015GIGABYTE Challenge #151st$1,668.45Dota 2
12 Apr 2015joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 15th$4,323.00Dota 2
14 Dec 2014Esportal Invitational Tournament 15th-8th$621.21Dota 2
10 Dec 2014GIGABYTE Challenge #112nd$621.36Dota 2
1 Dec 2014Esportal Open Tournament 13rd-4th$624.16Dota 2
16 Nov 2014IeSF 2014 World Championship (Dota 2)2nd$15,000.00Dota 2
8 Jan 2017ESL One Genting 20171st$125,000.00Dota 2
18 Dec 2016China Top 2016 (Dota 2)3rd-4th$28,739.00Dota 2
10 Dec 2016The Boston Major 20163rd-4th$250,000.00Dota 2
26 Feb 2017StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 37th-8th$7,500.00Dota 2
30 Apr 2017The Kiev Major 20179th-16th$62,500.00Dota 2
11 Jun 2017EPICENTER 2017 (Dota 2)7th-8th$10,000.00Dota 2
18 Jun 2017Galaxy Battles2nd$22,500.00Dota 2
22 Jul 2017DreamLeague Season 72nd$45,000.00Dota 2
31 May 2017DreamLeague Season 7 - NA Division1st$6,000.00Dota 2