Virtus Pro crushes OG with 3-0 in The Summit 6 Finals

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Nov 20, 2016

Known for its fun and cool atmosphere showcasing backstage events and laidback couch commentary, this season of The Summit concludes with its latest champion, the Russian team Virtus Pro. Virtus Pro crushed OG with a straightforward 3-0 during final match of The Summit 6.


The first game of the Bo5 series went pretty easy for Virtus Pro with their aggressive draft of Luna-Shadow Demon combination. OG’s Terrorblade and Outworld Devourer picks for N0tail and Ana did not show an impressive KDA against VP especially with Dark Seer in VP’s lineup. First game of the series ended up with a score 26-12 in favor of VP.

Second game of the grand finals showcased a Pudge support played by JerAx and a pushing strategy with Drow Ranger of n0tail. However, the strat did not end well against VP’s Lifestealer and Juggernaut backed with Ogre Magi. By 22 minute mark and score of 35-10, OG popped GG leaving 2-0 in the series.

OG might have been losing morale as the situation in the third game became worst in their part. Their unanticipated Templar Assassin pick did not performed well against Ember Spirit in mid lane due to Enchantress’s constant rotation. Meanwhile in the bottom lane, n0tail’s Chaos Knight and JerAx’s Wisp were also bullied by 9Pasha’s Slardar and Solo’s Disruptor. Teamfight after teamfight, OG failed to gain a momentum to hopefully turn the table. In 24 mins, OG raised the white flag with only 13 kills against VP’s 43.

Hailed as the champion, VP will bring home $42,500 of cash prize from Los Angeles while OG earns $22,500. Third placer Evil Geniuses receives $13,000. The TI6 champions and the winner of the previous season of The Summit, Wings Gaming, failed to shine this time and only achieved 4th place after VP kicked them to the lower bracket.

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