Valve presents True Sight: A New Documentary Series

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Oct 12, 2016

Earlier today, Valve announced its new documentary series entitled True Sight; second Dota-related documentary film produced by the gaming company following their first Free to Play.

True Sight however is different from Free to Play. Given the recent changes in Valve’s roster lock process, this documentary series gives focus in the different teams and players’ journey as they search ideal individuals and commit with each other towards winning Major Championships.

The first episode will feature the Dota teams EG and Fnatic making their way to the Boston Major in December. This will be aired thru the client starting at 4:00 PM PDT on October 13, with repeat broadcasts every two hours thereafter for a full 24 hour-hour cycle. Said documentary will be in English but with available English subtitles, Russian subtitles, and Chinese subtitles. A live chat with the Dota community during the stream will also be available.

However, True Sight is limited only to Fall 2016 Battle Pass owners. Meaning, you have to buy a battle pass that costs $7.99 in the Dota store if you are interested to watch the series.


On October 14 at 4:00 PDT, right after the broadcast has concluded, battle pass owners will be able to watch it any time in the Steam Library.

Valve has left no clue on what teams will be the second episode about, nor on how many episodes there will be. Check out the trailer of the first episode below. 

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