Top 10 Solo Ultimate Abilities

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 28, 2016

Ultimate abilities are always known as game-changers. This is when a champion hits a spike in power that allows them to swing powerful moves around, but have to do so wisely as to not waste it. However, there are some ults that outclass others. In fact, there are some ults that are so powerful that you wouldn’t even choose the champion if it weren’t for that ultimate. That’s why we are going to look to see the most powerful ultimates that don’t rely on other abilities for their power (which means powerful ultimates like Orianna’s Shockwave are out since it HAS to use other abilities to set up). By powerful, I mean a few things. One, pure damage and if it can just destroy opponents with it. Two, crowd control and if it locks up two or more enemies for follow up damage. Three, how easy is it to use and even makes/breaks the champion in design. This list won’t see abilities that are more for pure CC or for healing as those are more about utility benefits that I will use for another list.

10. Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm

CAW CAW CAW...oh, you want more of an explanation? Well, I guess I can. You have an ult that gives you a jump into battle, and one of the highest damaging abilities in the game? How could I not include this, though it was close with Katarina, but beats it out for the fact that Fiddlesticks can still move while it is going. Sure he has to channel it, but afterwards he is really mobile. Plus, a group of crows is called a murder, it is only appropriate.

9. Annie’s Summon: Tibbers

Have you seen this bear Tibbers? If so, you are a liar because you died or you shut down that Annie before she got fed and even then you are lying since she can oneshot you still. While Tibbers I think works the best in conjunction with other abilities in order to ramp up the passive for that stun, but still. Tibbers has amazing base damage, decent AP scalings. However, it also brings another target for the enemy to have to deal with. Plus, if you do kill Annie while Tibbers is alive, he goes into a massive roid rage to try and avenge his fallen friend.

8. Zyra’s Stranglethorns

Ever get pricked by a thorn on a rose? This is sort of like it except nothing like it as this is a video game. This ultimate is a beast of an ability with so much loaded onto it. Not only does it give a great burst of ability, but it also has a 2 second knockout to add onto it in an area of effect. It gives great zone control to a team that can be followed up amazingly. The biggest flaw with the ultimate is that it is easily telegraphed and needs the team to really follow up in order to secure a teamfight win. But still a great ability, though it isn’t higher since Zyra is picked for her whole kit and the ult is just icing on the cake.

7. Wukong’s Cyclone

Who Kong? Sorry...had to do that pun… Anyways, Wukong is not known for being a big meta pick at the moment, but people should really consider running him more for his ultimate alone. With great AD scaling, area of effect damage and a knockup on all hit for 1 second (that is instant), this ultimate has it all. Especially, if the enemy decides to group up. The flaw here is that Wukong’s tend to go for more of a heavy AD build, but I think that a tanky-bruiser build on Wukong might come up soon and bring this monkey into the meta so this powerful ult can be abused.

6. Galio’s Idol of Durand

Wow! Galio in a top 10 that isn’t about the worst champions in the game in 2016? Is this real life? I am only saying that his ult is good (the rest of his kit does need some love) as it could be the only reason to choose him, possibly even as a support with Kalista coming back into the meta. This ult has a 2 second taunt. Just think of that. 2 whole seconds that your enemy is CC’d, that’s ridiculous. Not to mention it is area of effect. Next you add damage reduction of ½ and absurd damage if fully charged means your team can do anything during this time and completely waste the survivors. This ult can be cancelled if Galio is CC’d and without his shield it does make Galio a bit too vulnerable, but it is really such a massive ult that could be great in some comps.

5. Amumu’s Curse of the Sad Mummy

You have to expect this on a list of powerful ults. As well as some others you will see later. But this one doesn’t make it higher for the reason that it is hard to get into the thick of battle without flash or bandage toss. That being said, it is still an area of effect (see a theme here) stun that lasts 2 seconds...too damn long. Plus it has great base damage and AP scalings that open up a lot of options for Amumu.

4. Malphite’s Unstoppable Force

Did you expect this one as well, but also being so high on the list? Well, I’ll start with the weaknesses again. It is a very telegraphed ult and when used against a player of decent skill, can be easily avoided. However, it is a 1.5 second AoE knockup with amazing base damage and a 1:1 AP ratio. Thankfully, the rest of Malphite’s kit is boring because if it weren’t his kit would already be too overloaded since the ult takes up all that room.

3. Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom

If you ask me, I wish that the CC effect and damage of Malphite’s ult lasted longer and in a far bigger range. Well, I think that would be too OP, but you might look to the next closest thing of Kennen. Not only does it apply Kennen’s passive even 0.5 seconds (meaning if enemies are in the zone for 1.5 second then they get stunned) but it does amazing damage over the entire duration with easy clean up for his team.

2. Sejuani’s Glacial Prison

The biggest problem with Kennen’s, Malphite’s and Amumu’s ults that I didn’t mention was the fact that you were putting yourself right into the enemy by using it. Well, what if you could do all that CC without having to get into that range? Well, try out Sejuani. Glacial Prison is a ranged skillshot and it has the ability to do AoE stuns/slows. The CC duration does scale with ranks, but even at base is 1.25 seconds which is enough to jump on the enemy. Like with Malphite’s ult it is pretty easy to avoid, but it can do great work with CC (though I do wish it did more AP damage too).

1. Rumble’s Equalizer

This one is actually really weird, but in the right hands is literally a game changer. It is rare to find an ultimate that lacks the CC we see in the others that can still have the same impact. Equalizer allows for your to zone off enemies from entering/exiting battles, cut off parts of the map, or even be a set up point for your team. Plus, it does damage on par with Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm that doesn’t have to be attached to Rumble. This ult has it all and doesn’t even require putting yourself in a bad position, plus it lasts for a while instead of just being a one pump chump. I love having a Rumble in my game, just to see what he can do with his ult.

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