Timothy 'autimatic' Ta's Rise Under Cloud9

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Nov 07, 2016

Timothy “autimatic” Ta is an emerging American Counter-Strike player most noted for his achievements in the American roster of Cloud9. His previous team was Team SoloMid, a team that was and still is, significantly worse than Cloud9. How did Timothy move to Cloud9? It’s actually pretty simple. He had a very aggressive playstyle even to this day and under TSM, he wasn’t always able to exert his fullest potential although still obtaining great individual results. As he transitioned over to Cloud9, he was finally able to have more freedom in the way that he plays and thus, improved a lot in the North American Counter-Strike scene.

Timothy's Rise in Recent Months; HLTV.org

Timothy's Rise in Recent Months; HLTV.org

Team SoloMid

The American’s first time playing under the TSM organization was at the MLG Columbus Last Chance Pre-Qualifier. He didn’t do too well, fairing a 0.71 rating at the event. Soon after however, autimatic managed to consistently get great results against teams that are better than his for the most part. Going from an online league to an offline tournament to an online tournament, the American had always been achieving high individual results, although not making many team accomplishments. Quite possibly the most notable event for autimatic was the first season of the ECS (Esports Championship Series), constantly top fragging against other North American teams that are considered to be better than TSM. The main issue for Timothy under TSM was the fact that the way his team played, he was constantly halted in terms of doing what he wanted. Overall, the roster itself didn’t play in the hands of autimatic.


Here comes the American plow to sweep Timothy away from his previous roster. Cloud9 was looking for a 5th player after Alec “Slemmy” White left the roster. Immediately after joining Cloud9, they had 2 matches against long-time rivals, Liquid. Unexpected by many, Cloud9 with autimatic managed to claim both matches very convincingly with their new addition having a stellar performance (27-13) on the first map, de_dust2. From that point onward, the Americans slowly but surely climbed their way to being a top 5 team internationally.

ESL Pro League Season 4 (Online League)

Cloud9 alongside autimatic had possibly the best run an American team has ever had during the existence of the the EPL. They were constantly winning 2 matches every other day, stomping lower tiered teams like eUnited, Splyce and Winterfox and overall, being the better team. Eventually after 26 online matches against 13 other teams, Cloud9 cemented themselves as the kings of online American Counter-Strike. There was only one thing left to prove. How great are they on LAN?

Northern Arena 2016

The first LAN that Cloud9 played at with their new addition of autimatic was Northern Arena 2016 in Canada. Most of the community expected the Americans to win this event, if not at least make it to the finals. The Counter-Strike community’s reasoning behind this was their godlike runs against other top level teams online (during the EPL online league) such as Immortals and Liquid. As for their new addition, he performed fairly great at this event, already doing significantly better than when he was in his previous roster under TSM. They placed 2nd and only lost to Immortals, otherwise winning every other match in the tournament.

autimatic Celebrating a Match Win; HLTV.org

autimatic Celebrating a Match Win; HLTV.org

DreamHack Bucharest 2016

After continuing their amazing run throughout the online bracket of the ESL Pro League, they attended another LAN, this time being hosted in Europe against higher tiered teams such as EnVyUs and Virtus.pro. Individually, autimatic did great in the matches that he won, especially against EnVyUs. Cloud9 as a team defeated the French 16-9, but autimatic went on complete plow mode achieving a quality 1.67 rating. Overall, the American team managed to get to the semifinals until finally losing 2-0 against the Polish powerhouse, Virtus.pro.

ESL Pro League Season 4 (LAN Finals)

This event was the true test for the American rising star and he definitely performed against all of the teams that Cloud9 played. In the group stage, there was only one match that autimatic managed to do somewhat poorly on and it was the one that they lost. When they played against Brazilian team SK Gaming, the Americans simply couldn’t cut it and eventually lost to them. During the group stage, autimatic had gotten an average rating of 1.17, a great performance especially considering the caliber of the teams that Cloud9 faced throughout. As they qualified for the playoffs, things were already looking great for the Americans, and they eventually won the whole tournament. Among Cloud9, autimatic won the HLTV.org MVP Award for being the best player overall throughout the tournament. He also got an average rating of 1.31 by the end of the event, which is revolutionary in terms of individual skill.

ESL Pro League's HLTV.org MVP Award ~ Timothy "autimatic" Ta

ESL Pro League's HLTV.org MVP Award ~ Timothy "autimatic" Ta

Highlight: The highlight of autimatic’s multiple runs in Cloud9 is his outstanding performance at the ESL Pro League Season 4 LAN Finals, where he and his teammates managed to break a 10 year curse for the American Counter-Strike scene. The last major international event won by an American team was back in the old 1.6 days of 2006.


Overall, autimatic and the rest of Cloud9 are looking to be a godlike team in the future. The new addition really stepped up his game since his old compLexity and TSM days since he now has a lot more freedom to play as he personally wishes. Only time will tell whether or not this built up success will last for the Americans.

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