The Decline of EnVyUs

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 08, 2016

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EnVyUs have declined in the Counter-Strike scene since their glory run at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca in late 2015. They have tried various roster changes, playstyles and more, but somehow nothing seems to be working for them since the beginning of 2016. Here we will talk about their different major runs and roster changes from late 2015 onward till now.

EnVyUs after losing to Cloud9 at DreamHack Bucharest 2016

EnVyUs after losing to Cloud9 at DreamHack Bucharest 2016;

Major Runs

Since the end of 2015, there have been a total of 3 different majors that have taken place. We will be talking about each one of them, going all the way up to ESL One Cologne 2016 that took place last August. 

DreamHack Cluj-Napoca

This was quite possibly the main highlight of the team under the organization of EnVyUs in Counter-Strike and brought the French to be the best team in the whole world. Following the first two majors of 2015 (ESL One Katowice 2015 and ESL One Cologne 2015), they had been only improving their results, going from a 3rd place semifinalist, to a finalist and finally, a champion at DreamHack. They managed to outlast some of the best teams in the world, including Gamers2, a European team that produced a very nice 2-0 result against Polish rivals Although it was hard, they beat them in the semifinals 2-1 throwing them into the grand finals where they would have to face long time rivals Natus Vincere. They completed the major with a first place finish, outlasting two grueling maps against the CIS giants. 

EnVyUs celebrating their win at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015

EnVyUs celebrating their win at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015;

MLG Columbus

Heading into this event knowing that it would be the first major to ever hold a prize pool of $1,000,000 and knowing that it would also be the first major to be held in America, the stakes were high. Even with the knowledge and confidence that they just won the last major, things were going to be tough considering there were rising stars entering the tournament. To everyone’s surprise, they managed to exit the group stage without advancing to the playoffs (losing to both CLG and Gambit Gaming), indicating that there is a problem in the team that absolutely NEEDS to be addressed.

KennyS after losing in the group stage of MLG Columbus 2016

KennyS after losing in the group stage of MLG Columbus 2016;

ESL One Cologne

Unfortunately for the French, nothing much since Columbus with the exception of the removal of Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey and the addition of Timothée “DEVIL” Démolon to their roster. Going into arguably the largest major ever, people didn’t have high expectations for EnVyUs, even if they themselves did. The same story occurred, where they proceeded to get knocked out in the group stage for the second major in a row. They lost to the American side of Liquid and as well as the German side of Mouz. 

Roster Changes

The French team has had a total of 2 fairly significant roster changes in the timeline provided here. They originally had swapped kioShiMa for DEVIL, thinking that it would change anything. In short, kioShima managed to go to FaZe Clan where he has a team currently more prosperous career then when he was with EnVyUs, while DEVIL managed to keep the French team at its current state, without changing much to the cohesion and performance of the team.

DEVIL Before EnVyUs

DEVIL right before joining EnVyUs;

Perhaps the most recent news revolving around the team is this second roster change that was not expected by many members of the community. 6 months into his career with the French, DEVIL was dropped for Christophe “SIXER” Xia after standing in for them at SL i-League StarSeries in place of Nathan ‘NBK-‘ Schmitt. This was widely regarded as one of the weirdest transfers of 2016, seeing as how DEVIL had actually started performing better and better in his recent months with the organization. 


EnVyUs have recently been attempting to come back as an international team as seen with very decent performances at DreamHack Bucharest and as well as managing to actually win the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational. Will SIXER prove to be a worthwhile pickup? Will EnVyUs come back and start becoming a top tier team again? Will they manage to win a major ever again? Time will tell for this once amazing French roster.