The Danish Scene (Current State)

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 01, 2016

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The Danish scene has been a very interesting story in terms of Counter-Strike. They have had teams that were considered very dominant for a while, and now they have 3 teams that have fluctuated over the last year in terms of various skill levels. These 3 teams are known as Heroic, Astralis and Dignitas. 


Astralis have been a mixed team for a while now, and it’s long overdue that we talk about them. Astralis originally started off as a roster under the support of Team SoloMid, an organization that now holds a North American roster. When things internally stopped working due to different locations (TSM is in North America while the roster is in Denmark), they decided to go their separate ways. Thus, the team TQM (Team QuestionMark) was born until the Danes could find another organization. Eventually, they couldn’t find one that they were satisfied with so they simply created their own team/organization. Astralis was born into the eSports world. Unfortunately, since their inception, they have only been on a downhill spiral towards becoming a tier 2 roster.

Astralis at SL i-League StarSeries

Astralis @ SL i-League StarSeries;

They haven’t won a final in forever, let alone getting there. They have been slumping so hard that there is a joke on the areas of the internet involving Counter-Strike called ‘Chokestralis’ due to how they cannot get past the semifinals or the even quarterfinals in some certain circumstances. Out of all of the current maps in the pool, they don’t have a single map with a 75% win rate (the closest being de_mirage at 71.4%) and bringing in Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjærbye hasn’t done much for the team even though his personal performance is off the charts. Astralis need to work on a lot if they want to ever become a top 5 team again. 


Dignitas has quite a different story when compared with Astralis. They are currently improving at almost every event and are even surpassing Astralis in the global rankings (#6 comparing with #7). Since the beginning of August this year, Dignitas have only been improving their performances and results. After the addition of René ‘cajunb’ Borg, they have consistently been getting quality results against the usual top 5 teams at LANs (semifinal finishes).

MSL and Co. @ DreamHack Bucharest

MSL and Co. @ DreamHack Bucharest;

Currently, Dignitas is considered the best Danish team at the moment, even better than Astralis. Out of the three teams that we will be talking about here, Dignitas is surely the best at this point in time and has zero to no problems to worry about. 


Statistically and in terms of results, Heroic has had a slightly different path than the other two Danish teams. They originated from the former SK Gaming lineup, not achieving much throughout their careers. Once the roster along with the organization parted ways, the roster created a team called ‘Team X’. Similarly to Astralis, they soon created their own organization called Heroic. They have constantly been improving since the departure of the German organization and managed to become a team in the top 15. Although that might not sound like an achievement, it most definitely is considering that they used to be a team barely reaching the top 30.

Heroic @ SL i-League StarSeries

Heroic @ SL i-League StarSeries;

Ever since their inception with their own organization, they have constantly been improving. They are the complete opposite of what happened with Astralis, and they don’t look to stop anytime soon. Although they aren’t on the level of skill or talent as Astralis or Dignitas, they are still a very strong dark horse in international competition. Their most notable achievement consisted of a national LAN featuring all three of these Danish teams among other lower tier teams. To everyone’s surprise, they managed to defeat Astralis and Dignitas at this LAN and took first place with a nice $14,750 prize to go along with it. On top of this, they managed to do fairly well at Northern Arena where they had to go up against teams like Immortals, Cloud9 and EchoFox. The Danes topped their group with two nice Bo1 victories over Winterfox and Selfless. They also did really nicely in the quarterfinals, where they had to face OpTiC, winning 2-1 and making it to the semifinals. Although that’s all they managed to accomplish, they did get 3rd place after winning 2-0 against EchoFox in a decider match.


The Danish scene has been in a very rough spot in the sense that Astralis isn’t what they used to be and we have Dignitas/Heroic slowly but surely surpassing them in skill and results. We just have to wait and see what will happen in the future surrounding these teams.