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The Boston Major Preview: Favorite Teams, Players To Watch, and Most Contested Heroes

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 02, 2016

The Boston Major is just a few hours away and everything is already set. Before the action and bloodbath starts, let us all take a look at the most anticipated teams, new players to watch, and favorite heroes in this patch.

Top Three Favorite Teams

Wings Gaming. Despite the underwhelming performance of Wings Gaming during The Summit 6, the Chinese team is still considered as one of the favorites. Their unpredictability and versatility are the major threats to their opponents.

Virtus Pro. The Russian team that brought back glory to the CIS after effortlessly dominating in The Summit 6, Virtus Pro is now the powerhouse of the region. VP has currently a winning streak including the one Bo3 game against Wings Gaming where they scored 2-0.

OG.The new rosters seem to have finally got along with each other despite the topsy-turvy start. OG recently champed the Elimination Mode against Evil Geniuses in the grand finals and placed second at The Summit 6.

Three Mid Players To Watch

Du "Monet" Peng. The mid player of LGD.Forever Young, Monet, is one of the Chinese players with the highest MMR. He is holding the 8th place in the Chinese Region on Dota Leaderboard with 8,500 MMR.

Mihai “canceL” Antonio.  The Romanian Complexity mid laner, canceL, known for his Shadow Fiend plays is on the list. CanceL just started his professional Dota career with The Boston Major being the first major tournament.

Dmitris "ThuG" Plivouris.  Thug is a Greek player with 7,550 MMR on the leaderboard. He has been in the scene since September last year where he played with various European teams for minor tournaments. Along with the others, The Boston Major will serve as his ticket towards a breakthrough in his career.

Top Five Most Contested Heroes

These are the top five heroes that were most likely to pick or ban during the previous tournaments including the Boston qualifiers. These heroes seem to be very famous in esport events with this patch. We expect them to be more contested during the major event.

Outworld Devourer. OD ranked second in the Most Banned in the qualifiers stage of the Boston Major following Batrider and ranked sixth in the Most First Picked heroes. OD now ranked as the most pick or ban hero during the previous tournaments including DotaPit, DreamLeague, and The Summit.

Batrider. Despite the nerf made to Batrider, he is still one of the most contested heroes during the previous tournaments. Seems like Batrider is an all-time favorite since he is the most contested hero in the entire history of Dota esport.

Drow Ranger. Not only in pub games, Drow Ranger also made a noise in the pro scene with this patch. She is the most pick or ban hero in Northern Arena Beat Invitational and during the ROG Masters tournament.

Juggernaut. Juggernaut ranked third in the Most Pick or Ban Heroes in the 6.87 Dota tournaments following Batrider and Faceless Void. We expect him to have more exposure in the Boston Major main event.

Shadow Demon. One of the most favorite support in the pro scene, Shadow Demon holds the most contested support hero in the qualifiers stage of the Boston Major. He is one of the most first-picked and most banned in first ban stage.

Source: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/hero-stats

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