Team WE (World Elite)

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World Elite background

Team WE was the first Chinese esports company based in Shanghai, China. The association has been around for about eght years and have acquired the gaming experience. The World Elite team are famous for their gaming successes in Warcraft, Starcraft and Dota 2.

LOL Lineup

World Elite team2

The WE League of Legends roster was created in 2011 and has achieved top rankings placing top three in several tournaments. At the start of 2017 World Elite have shown their potential of a winning streak and they hope to continue achieving it in future matches.

Some of the esports events World Elite have participated include LPL Spring and Summer Seasons since 2011, Demacia Cup, IEM IX World Championship in Katowice 2015. Having placed first in this year’s LPL Spring Split and Playoff, they are ready to compete against top teams at the International event, Mid -Season Invitational 2017.  

The Team

WE 957

Ke '957' Changyu is a Chinese cyber athlete competing for World Elite lol roster. He began his pro career competing for WE Future in December 2014, despite poor results, his performances in lol tournaments did not go unnoticed and signed on with WE in December 2015. 957 has proved his worth time and time again entertaining esports fans with his oustanding perfomances.

WE Condi

Renjie ‘Condi’ Xiang is a Chinese Jungler competing for World Elite as part of their LOL roster. He began his career into gaming in February 2015 with Master3 developing his skills to be a better player. As soon as Condi joined WE, he became one of the most feared players in China with his aggressive playstyle, taking down his opponents.

WE xiye

Hanwei ‘xiye’ Su is known to be the most consistent mid laner in China. He joined his first team World Elite Academy in 2013 to improve on his skills as a pro player. His steady performances and a wide hero pool means the opposing team never knows what is in store in the tournament, giving the element of surprise. 

WE Mystic

Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-jun is a 22-year-old professional AD carry from South Korea competing for World Elite LOL roster. He began his pro gaming career with Chunnam Techno University but by the end of 2014, Mystic decided to move to China and join Team WE Academy. He has the ability to take over the positions of jungle and AD carry since he acquired the gaming experience. His versatility and skills have not gone unnoticed by the World Elite and have the faith to compete against some of the most feared esports players.  

WE Ben

Nam ‘Ben’ Dong-hyun is a support player from South Korea competing for Team World Elite. He began his professional career with Invictus Gaming in the Summer of 2016. He made his debut with the World Elite team, he has been able to show an apt of mechanical prowess. Ben has the ability to show how support roles can also carry in-game.