Team Dignitas: A Rising Competitive Power

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Oct 24, 2016

Team Dignitas is a team that has seen recent acclaim across the Counter-Strike scene. They are arguably the best Danish team currently and have seen spectacular performances against high tier teams such as, Natus Vincere and fnatic. Here we will be highlighting their performances during recent events.'s Ranking of Team Dignitas (Last 3 Months)'s Ranking of Team Dignitas (Last 3 Months)

SL i-League StarSeries

Heading into the Ukrainian event, the Danes had a lot to prove in terms of their placing on the various ranking systems in the competitive scene. Their first match was against GODSENT, a new team that also wanted to prove themselves as a top 5 contender. The Swedes completely obliterated the Danes 16-3. Even after one map, things are looking grim for Team Dignitas. After a while, they did manage to bring themselves back a little bit by defeating Hellraisers 16-10 on de_nuke. While it wasn’t exactly an amazing accomplishment, it did allow them to still have a chance of qualifying for the playoffs. Their final match in the group stage had to deal with their new fellow rivals, GODSENT. This time however, the Danes were prepared for what was coming and outplayed them on both maps (de_dust2 and de_overpass). This was what Dignitas needed in order to boost their mentality heading into the playoffs.

Team Dignitas @ SL i-League StarSeries;

Team Dignitas @ SL i-League StarSeries;

However, the Danes had to do much more then beat some low tier teams in the groups if they wanted to start being recognized as a world class team. Their quarterfinal matchup was against Heroic, a fellow Danish team that they had played against many times before. Between both teams, the match featured 3 stellar maps that all were extremely close score lines making it a wonder for the fans of both teams to watch. Eventually, Dignitas came out on top winning 16-12 on de_mirage where they lost horrifically to GODSENT earlier in the tournament. At this point, the Danes had already made themselves noticed in the international community and had not much else to lose. They had to face Gamers2 in the semifinals, a French team that has recently been on the rise and were looking to reclaim glory from previous lineups with other French players. Unfortunately, Dignitas lost both maps in their Bo3 series against the French but still held up great score lines for an underdog team.

Placing + Prize: #3/4 + $25,000

DreamHack Bucharest

After being fairly successful at the high tier event in Kiev, Dignitas still had a long road to go until they became a top 5 team internationally. DreamHack Bucharest was almost identical in terms of results for the Danes. They lost their first group stage match to FaZe Clan 16-11 and eventually came back later in the tournament against FlipSid3, defeating them 2-1 and evening them up in the group. They then had to face FaZe once again, however this time it would be in a Bo3 matchup rather than a Bo1. They built up their confidence and qualified for the playoffs with ease, winning 16-7 on de_nuke and 16-6 on de_cache against the Europeans.

Dignitas Before Qualifying for the Semifinals @ DreamHack Bucharest;

Dignitas Before Qualifying for the Semifinals @ DreamHack Bucharest;

The playoffs at this event weren’t anything special due to it only featuring 8 teams rather than 16 at SL i-League StarSeries. They had to face tournament winners in the semifinals (no quarterfinals due to the event only having 8 teams), and ended up losing 2-1. Nevertheless, they still played really well, despite losing their first map (de_mirage) 16-4. The next two maps featured very close score lines (16-14 and 16-13), giving one map to the Danes and the other to the Poles.

Placing + Prize: #3/4 + $10,000


This was their most recent tournament and the highlight of their recent form on LAN. They travelled to Moscow after qualifying for the event earlier in the year and quite a lot was expected of them since they had some very nice results in previous tournaments. The group stage was featuring a Bo2 round-robin system and unfortunately, all teams in Group A ended up with 9 points in the end. It came down to round-difference and Dignitas came in 3rd place, thus qualifying for the playoffs.

Dignitas Holding $250,000 and the EPICENTER: Moscow Trophy;

Dignitas Holding $250,000 and the EPICENTER: Moscow Trophy;

In the quarterfinals, the Danes had to face fnatic, a team that has since been recovering from their major split with GODSENT earlier in the year. Both had much to prove with their rosters and it was Dignitas that came out on top, 2-1. They had a very stellar performance on de_cobblestone, winning over the Swedes 16-4. Next up in the semifinals, they had to face Natus Vincere, a team that has been considered a top 3 team for a few months now. Out of nowhere, the Danes actually managed to take 2 maps off of the CIS powerhouse and landed themselves a spot in the grandfinals where they had to face long time rivals After getting off to a rough start against the Polish Plow losing de_nuke 16-11, they had to compose themselves and start fresh. That’s exactly what they did as they managed to win the next 2 maps with a very convincing score line of 16-5 on both of the remaining maps.

Placing + Prize: #1 + $250,000


Team Dignitas have secured themselves as a top tier team and they have had many opportunities to back up this bold statement. Managing to achieve a higher ranking than the likes of SK Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere and many other teams within a month’s time is no small feat. Here’s to Team Dignitas’s recent success and accomplishments. We will just have to wait and see what else they have in store for the Counter-Strike community.

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