LoL Worlds 2016: Samsung Galaxy Destroys Cloud 9 in Three Games

By: Aaron.Albertson
Oct 13, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy dispatched Cloud 9 in a quick three games  on Thursday evening in Chicago, Illinois.  Samsung kept up their level of play from group stages where they went 5-1. SSG dominated Cloud 9 in almost all aspects of the game.

Game one was a complete dissection of Cloud 9. Samsung was able to ban Kennen and bait Cloud 9 into taking Rumble early in the draft. SSG countered with Rumble, who was outlined as Cuvee’s best champion from groups, and got Ruler Jhin in the final rotation. SSG was able to execute their superior teamcomp, garnishing a 12,000 gold lead by the 22nd minute of the game. There wasn’t much for C9 to do to counter that big of an early gold lead except wait for Samsung to end their suffering five minutes later.  

Cloud 9 was able to get their laners on more trustworthy champions in the second game. Grabbing Jhin, Rek’sai and Cassiopeia meant Cloud 9 was able to keep the game relatively close until the 26th minute. Samsung was able to grab a teleport flank that started off a huge 4-for-0 wombo-combo. Cuvee teleported in as Kennen and landed a three man stun which was quickly followed with a 3 man shockwave.   

After the teamfight, Samsung grabbed Baron and used their baron power play to create a 7,800 gold lead. SSG would end the second game 12 minutes later, after ADC Ruler was able to create a double kill out of mid-air, flashing onto Jensen with a headshot proc and mopping up Smoothie as he limped away.  

Cloud 9 decided to take Jhin off the board completely for game three, banning him and grabbing Caitlyn for Sneaky. Samsung answered with a speed composition that excelled at diving the backline. And dive the backline they did. SSG consistently punished Sneaky and the immobile backline of Cloud 9 with Poppy, Olaf and Sivir. Samsung’s dive was so punishing that Cloud 9’s bottom lane duo finished a combined 0/12/12 in the final game.  


Samsung’s victory knocks out the North American region from contention for the championship. They’ll face either Europe’s H2K or Albus Nox Luna next week in the semi-finals at Madison Square Garden