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Royal Never Give Up

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Aug 23, 2016

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Royal Never Give Up

The Chinese Team Royal Never Give Up RNG was founded by a former teammate Xiao ‘Godlike’ Wang in May 2015, dedicated to playing League of Legends. Although the player ‘Godlike’ retired, the group of cyber athletes is still in action, never giving up, moving on up the ladder to success.

Out of ten tournaments that RNG have participated, they placed first in five matches. These were 2016 LPL Summer Regular Season, 2016 LPL Spring Regular Season and Playoffs, The World Cyber Arena 2015 and 2015 National Electronic Sports Open. They came second in the 2016 LPL Summer Playoffs. Other big events that they took part in were 2016 Midseason Invitational and the IEM Season X – World Championship, 2015 LPL Summer Regular Season and Demacia Cup Summer season.

Royal Never Give Up have chosen and trained eight of the best-talented LoL players that include Looper, Xiaohu, Mixg, Uzi, Mata and substitutes Sask, Wuxx and NaMei. With their experience and perseverance in gaming, this is not the last we have heard of them.

The Team

Looper, a  gamer plays the top laner for RNG, having a history of being aggressive in his performance. He became popular for impressing fans with his favourite champion Singed in Season 3 World Championship. Other champions he prefers are Kennen, Zack and Ryze’s teleport tactics. His experience in LoL gaming has made him into an all-rounder with teams such as MVP Ozone, Samsung Galaxy White, Team WE Academy and Master 3.

Xiaohu is a professional esports athlete that has made a name for himself as the mid laner. His three favourite champions are Leblanc for picks in order to take objectives, Lissandra for starting fights and Azir for the best way to inflict damage.

Mixg is a dedicated LoL player taking on the role of the Jungler. HIs nickname is derived from Ma La Xiang Guo which means a spicy hot pot. He tends to choose heroes like Graves, Elise, Lee Sin and Rengar for their aggressiveness.

Uzi is legendary for his AD carry role for his current team RNG. He started out his career with the Royal Club team moving on to Star Horn Royal Club, OMG, Qiao GU and Newbee. Uzi uses his signature heroes Vayne and Lucian for their mechanical tactics, carrying his team for another shot at the 2016 World Championships.

Mata is well known for his support role in LoL for the group. His strategical mind has him famous through champions like Thresh, Annie, Braum and Leona. His loud shot-calling, precise vision control makes him one of the best supports, as described by Wuxx his team mate “it feels as though Mata created the game”.

Wuxx is a substitute, playing AD carry role for RNG with the capability to play a variety of LoL heroes to bring damage on the opposing team. His favourite champions are Kog Maw, Yasuo, Oriana and Lulu. In the semifinals LPL Spring 2016, Wuxx surprised everyone with Lucian’s raining bullets, sinking their opponents.  

Sask is the substitute mid laner for his team. His eSports career started with Team King from June 2014 to May 2015, later moving on to Star Horn Royal Club up until Dec 2015. He is considered as a safe mid laner, protecting the squad’s carry heroes with Orianna and Lulu.  

NaMei is the team’s sub AD Carry, having the capability to anticipate skill shot trajectories for more damage. His signature heroes are Twitch, Lucian, Ezreal and Jinx. In fact, NaMei has only played Jinx six times, giving the audience an entertaining treat.