Rogue, building the team!

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Oct 08, 2016

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We took a few minutes to ask Rogue’s Kevin “Tvique” Lindström, about his experience in the recent Atlantic Showdown.

During our time with Tvique, we wanted to know a bit about the different aspects of being a member of a pro-team. 

One main aspect was the actual formation and interaction of the team, both between the players as well as with the scene and the organisation.

We asked about how one goes about forming a winning squad, where’s the secret formula for it? Here’s how he answered our questions.

When questioned about how they met as a team, Tvique replied:

“We are all kinda new to each other with the exception of Winz, Unkoe and Akm they all knew each other before starting this from shootmania and Akm being Winz’s brother ofc. After I left IDDQD together with another guy and formed this team with some help we managed to pull this roster together”.

We also wondered how much time they had to prepare for the showdown effectively which as we thought and Tvique confirmed our thoughts below:

“We had about 1-2 months iirc with Knoxxx the 5 of us has been together since April/May”.

Thinking back on this, as a team you’d expect pretty low expectations going into a tournament with only this much preparation as a squad, but Rogue were much stronger than that, in fact we asked Tvique what goals they had set ahead of the showdown, to which he promptly replied:

“Well our only goal in the team and we all share it is winning, it is our only goal”

So we asked him to specify, in the perspective of being somewhat new to each other, what were their expectations, and still a strong answer:

“I mean we did think we had an honest chance at winning it considering how well we were doing in practice even with the short time and the amount time we had left till the tournament”.

With such strong determination, we had to also ask about some recent additions prior to the showdown, so we went about it technically. We asked how he and his teammates split the actual workload in terms of team dynamics and shot calling, which revealed some interesting sides to the new addition of Knoxxx, as Tvique replied:

“Well when we brought on Knoxxx we had problems with consistently shot calling and we brought in to make it so I wouldn’t have to do it all the time from a dps role but having him on the main shotcalling role cause of his hero Lucio isnt very taxing on you cause of no real need to be aiming and such when it came to tactics he was just a helping mind meaning that was nothing we needed extra help with to begin with but is always needed so to say”

He then confirmed our initial analysis which indicated that bringing Knoxxx was not a lucky break, but a planned solution in his next comment as follows:

“It definitely did ofc he needed some time to get used to us and our really aggro play style which i think he got used to in the short time that.”

With what we were told so far, it is already enough to assume we can expect great things from this squad in the future, but stay posted as we continue to ask more about Rogue’s experience at the showdown in out next article, “Breaking Through!”.