Rakan, The Charmer

By Daryl Zammit
on Apr 28, 2017

Rakan! It’s about damn time! We had been waiting for a new champion release ever since December (Camille). Even though in recent years Riot have definitely slowed down in their champion release schedule (especially when compared to something like Season 2), the wait for this new champion was far too long.


Except, there was a hidden reason behind the long wait; for the first time in League’s history, Riot have released two champions simultaneously, with shared stories and gameplay interactions! A marksman and a support, these two characters were literally made for each other! In this segment, I’ll be talking about the male support, Rakan.  Head over to Xayah’s page to check out details on the new marksman and her interactions with Rakan.


Passive - Fey Feathers

Every few seconds, Rakan gains a shield which blocks all incoming enemy damage. His basic attacks and abilities reduce the cooldown of this passive by 1 second each; and the overall cooldown of the ability is decreased as Rakan levels up.


So, yeah this might seem like a subpar passive, but hear me out. Rakan is an engage-type support. Literally all his abilities have him interacting with a fight in such a way that forces him to get up close and personal (unless used to escape obviously). Keeping that in mind, it’s safe to say that being granted a free shield every few seconds isn’t as subpar as it seems.

Shared Passive - Lover’s Leap

Xayah and Rakan can embrace each other and recall together. What this means is that should one walk up to the other while they’re recalling, they can instantly join in the recall, even if there’s only as little as 1 second left.


I don’t know about you, but this is kind of broken imo. Honestly not much else to say.

Q - Gleaming Quill

Rakan shoots a feather in a straight line, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits. If the feather hits a champion or an epic monster, Rakan becomes imbued with healing energy. After a few seconds, Rakan uses this energy to heal himself and his allies in an area around him. This can also be activated earlier by touching an ally while imbued with the energy.


I like how they forced Rakan to be aggressive in order to be able to provide a health boost to his allies, it goes well with his play-style and character, and having it any other way would just detract from the experience.

W - Grand Entrance

Rakan dashes to a spot and, after a brief pause, spirals into the air, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies around him.


A knockup is never a bad thing. Ever. An AoE knockup? Even better. An AoE knockup that also provides mobility?

….well damn.

E - Battle Dance

Rakan flies towards an ally, granting them a shield on arrival. This ability can be recast at no cost for a few seconds after it’s first cast.

Shared Effect:

Battle Dance’s range increases when Xayah is the target of the ability.


On it’s own, this ability is already quite powerful; providing an ally with a shield, and allowing Rakan to re-cast the ability for no extra cost, effectively granting a shield twice. This also means that Rakan can zoom around a team-fight, slipping away from aggressors while aiding his team. Add to this combo the fact that Rakan can zip in the midst of an enemy team with his W, and you have the perfect way to dash into and out of a teamfight without taking any serious damage.

Ultimate - The Quickening

Rakan gets charged up and gains a burst of movement speed. Touching enemies will deal magic damage, while also charming them for a short while. As soon as Rakan touches the first enemy champion, he gains a massive burst of movement speed.


While it’s quite risky for Rakan to find himself dashing towards enemies in the hopes of actually hanging around, the multiple-charm effect that this ability grants is extremely powerful, especially when combined with certain champions. Definitely an ultimate to look out for and avoid at all costs.


I must admit, I’m quite interested and pleased with the direction that they decided to take Rakan. It’s a departure from the usual typical mage or tanky support, and his interactions with Xayah only serve to make him more valuable.

The combined effects of both Rakan’s and Xayah’s abilities, while not game-breaking (not entirely anyway, I’m still puzzled as to why they decided to include that recall), offer strengths that are powerful enough to help turn any encounter in their favour. For the best experience, these two should definitely be picked together.

What do you guys think? Have you had a chance to try Rakan and/or Xayah out yet? Who do you prefer? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next time when we discuss some changes that are coming to League very very soon!

Until then, cya!!!