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Post-TI Shuffle Leaks Predicted Fnatic New Rosters; Other Leaks Revealed OG, EG, Secret, and Digital Chaos

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Aug 26, 2017

Last week, few days after The International 7, a Reddit user named u/lgdamefan leaked on Reddit the new rosters of several teams. Along with is was the apparent new players of team Fnatic. On his posts, many were skeptical but he was proved right when earlier this week, Fnatic official announced their new set of players, which matched perfectly with lgdamefan’s claims.

Fnatic’s new squad consists Djardel 'chrissy / DJ' Mampusti and Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo; plus the three new members, Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao, Johan 'pieliedie' Åström, and Steve 'Xcalibur' Ye. This is definitely one of the most unanticipated changes in the roster shuffle this season and if lgdamefan is right, there will be more to come.

FNATIC Dota 2 Squad

Leaked changes on other teams

The person behind this Reddit account revealed some interesting changes this season. So far, only his leaks on team Fnatic has been confirmed but here are the other teams/players he claimed to have made changes:


  • Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

  • Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok

  • Gustav “s4” Magnusson

  • Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka

  • Tal “fly” Aizik

Team Secret

  • Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard

  • Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng

  • Adrian “FATA-” Trinks

  • Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat

  • Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

Digital Chaos

  • Mason “mason” Venne

  • Abed “abed” Azel Yusop

  • Arif “MSS” Anwar

  • Kanishka “BuLba” Sosale

  • David “MoonMeander” Tan

Evil Geniuses

  • Artour “Arteezy” Babaev

  • Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan

  • Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora

  • Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen

  • Clinton “Fear” Loomis

PPD’s New Team

  • Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille

  • Quinn “CCnC” Callahan

  • Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg

  • Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen

  • Peter “ppd” Dager

Who is lgdamefan?

It seems like he is an insider who has contacts and influence on various teams. There were rumors that he is Quinn ‘CCnC’ Callahan but he denied the accusation. Nobody really knows who this Reddit user is but if his leaks are true, then he just revealed the changes in some of the biggest Dota 2 teams.

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