25 Feb 2017 - 26 Feb 2017

OW Oceanic Summer Series

The Oceanic Summer Series will be hosted by Full Circle Esports, an organisation that promotes esports tournaments across Australia. The event started on the 4th February featuring fifty-one Australian teams battling it out for a spot for the Playoffs.

The Overwatch Summer Series is an opportunity for esports players and teams in Australia to get more exposure and show off their skills and abilities to the gaming community across the world. The event will be taking place at the new Full Circle Studio in Auckland, New Zealand and hosted by Kevin ‘AVRL’ Walker and Matt ‘Pixie’ Carroll. For all those who want to watch their favourite Australian team, the action will be broadcast online on Twitch.

The main event, Oceanic Summer Series will be held on the 18th and 19th February 2017. Twenty-four OW teams from Australia and Southeast Asia will be invited to participate in the biggest event this year.

In order to qualify for the Oceanic Summer Series, there will be four ANZ (Australian and New Zealand) teams who will receive a direct invitation. On top of this, twelve other ANZ units will move on to the playoffs after competing in the three qualifying events, the 76 Qualifier, Watchpoint: Oceania and Full Circle Esports. Add to this, the qualifying stage for Southeast Asia will include the top eight teams who will get to go through to the main OW tournament.

The format of the Overwatch Oceanic Summer Series will divide the invited OW units into three double elimination groups. The top two squads from group A, B and C will move on to the Finals for the chance to win prize pool of AUD $10K.

The final event held between the 20th until 26th February will feature the six successful teams. They will get to compete in the best-of-3 Round Robin Group. The top four squads will get to advance in the best-of-5 single elimination which includes the Semi-finals and the Finals.