Overwatch's Top 10 Most Game-Changing Ultimates

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Dec 31, 2016

Overwatch's heroes each come equipped with their own ultimate ability, all meant to be complete game changers and turn the tide of the battle in their favor. But as with any competitive game and its characters' moves, some of these ultimates are more commonly better than others. Here's our list of what we consider the top ten most game changing ultimates.

10: Zarya's Graviton Surge While on its own, this ultimate may be slightly underwhelming, when coupled with other characters' ultimates, this turns even the most difficult to land ultimate into one that can wipe out a team. Unfortunately, due to its low viability when not teamed up with another ultimate, it's not the most useful and is mostly just used for stalling off the other team.

9: Junkrat's RIP-Tire An ultimate sure to send the other team scrambling for cover, this one is great at splitting apart a team when they're taken off guard, and its massive damage output can take out pretty much any non-tank character. Its low health and usual predictable route are what hinder it from being better, but it's still a nice way to send the other team into a brief panic at the least.

8: Widowmaker's Infra-Sight This ultimate allows everyone on your team to see where everyone on the other team is at all times. That may seem small at first glance, but having complete map awareness across the whole team is a very valuable thing, and can halt any potential surprise attack on the point in its tracks.


Source: pwner

7: Soldier: 76's Tactical Visor Any ultimate becomes useless if you can't manage to hit your opponents with it, and that's where Tactical Visor comes in. It removes the need to aim at all, and is incredibly useful for picking off hard to hit heroes like Tracer or Pharah. With how powerful Solider: 76's gun already is, having it never miss a shot is something for any opponent without a shield to fear.

6: McCree's Deadeye Similar to Tactical Visor, this move never misses once it's locked on and the opponent is in sight. Different from Tactical Visor, once it's fully locked on it's a guaranteed one hit kill, and can lock on to multiple foes at once. While McCree is extremely vulnerable during this ultimate, its team-wiping capabilities shouldn't be overlooked.

5: Zenyatta's Transcendence It's hard to ignore an ability that practically nullifies any other ability. Zenyatta's ultimate gives him complete damage invulnerability, and heals all of his nearby teammates 'HP by 500 every second. While not particularly useful against ultimates that deliver high damage in one fell swoop, it creates a team invulnerable to any normal means of damage.

4: Genji's Dragonblade The victim of several nerfs, Genji's ultimate is still a powerful one that, in the hands of a skilled player, can destroy entire teams. Its massive damage output allows it to easily shred any non-tank, and when backed by the rest of his team, Genji can turn any big and difficult push into a complete stomp for his team.


Source: gamereactor

3: Sombra's EMP An ultimate that nullifies any of the other team's abilities, shields, and transformation ultimates, Sombra's EMP allows for a complete halt to any big pushes being made by the other team, and all but ensures success for the team she's on. Its only downsides are its somewhat limited reach and low usefulness when not taken advantage of by the Sombra's team.

2: Mei's Blizzard This ultimate was initially quite underwhelming, but saw a massive increase in viability after its buff. Mei's Blizzard is now among the ultimate point-clearing tools, freezing every enemy in a large radius right in their tracks and making for easy team wipes. Even a lone Mei can overwhelm entire teams if this ability is used correctly, and its power when used in tandem with other ultimates should not be overlooked.

1: Ana's Nano Boost While recently nerfed, Ana's Nano Boost still proves to be one of the most influential of ultimates, turning any hero into a vicious and nearly unstoppable force. The fact that it can be coupled with other ultimates makes it all the more deadly, and it's a driving force behind any team with an Ana in it.