Overwatch's Level Design: How Diverse Battlefields Only Make Things Better

By EsportsOnly.Com
on Oct 05, 2016

Overwatch excels at having fast paced team objective battles and a unique and colorful cast of characters, as well as really showing how diverse battlefields only make things better. With so many characters and so many movement options, both vertical and horizontal, the game simply wouldn’t make any sense if it only consisted of flat maps with few areas of high ground scattered throughout. That’s why Blizzard has done a phenomenal job at creating maps that not only feel fresh and unique, but also provide a new challenge, both offensively and defensively.  


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You now not only have to wonder if someone is going to come at you from behind or snipe you from afar, you now have to consider the possibility of death from straight above or way up in that tower you’re walking past. When it comes to attacking, plenty of new options are available as well. Should you take that flank route that leads directly above the enemy’s point? Should you make a risky break through that chokepoint to run for cover in that building? There’s a limitless amount of variety in how teams can coordinate throughout each map, and both sides are granted the freedom to play however they see fit.


eichenwalde 2

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One of the best examples of Overwatch’s innovative level design is prominently on display in its newest map, Eichenwalde. Eichenwalde features what is quite possibly one of the most brutal chokepoints in the game, with truly only one way for the attacking team to proceed. Trickling through the choke one at a time only leads to a slow and steady slaughter, and charging straight through is often unsuccessful if the defense is even slightly prepared for it. This practically forces players to get creative with how they approach the objective, punishing those who run right in. 


Perhaps everyone chooses a hero with high air mobility and the team comes in from above? Maybe you all group up with your Mei and she lifts you over the chokepoint with one of her walls? There are so many possibilities that greatly emphasize the importance of playing as a team in Overwatch, and with new free DLC possibly on the way soon, Blizzard has the bar set high for future, even more impressive and unique maps.