Blizzard’s Overwatch has taken the esports world by storm with its futuristic technology and heroes. Our gaming site has dedicated a section for Overwatch news featuring the professional units that compete in several prestigious matches all over the world. We provide you with the exciting insight about teams, the changes in lineups and their preparation for the upcoming games, their practice sessions and so much more.

EsportsOnly is a betting guide informing you of the top favourite OW teams, the predictions and recaps of what happened in tournaments. The section also features video content with the analyst’s commentary that helps you understand the strategical moves that lead the team to victory or defeat. Following your favourite esports squad will also give insight to their past performances and statistics of winning or losing a game. You landed on the perfect platform to update you of the latest esports news, getting to know new and old heroes, the latest skins, new maps and so much more Overwatch intrigue.




League Of Legends

Dota 2

Nov 09, 2017
After an extremely long and excruciating wait both for fans and hopeful players alike, Blizzard representatives have finally announced the official starting date of the […]

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