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You are in the middle of the majestic Festival de Luz in Dorado, Mexico. As you run through the streets past colourful shops and bungalows, you can’t help but take in the lights, hanging around the scenery like festive buntings in the Overwatch Esports game.

Unfortunately, however, you are not there for the nice view nor are you there to stuff yourself full of Corbatas, bowtie-shaped sweet rolls, from Panaderia Las Nieblas. Instead, you have a gun in hand and are there to either save the world or break it, depending on which stories you believe in Overwatch Esports.

It’s sixty years in the future and you have been called back to serve the disgraced Overwatch, a global peacekeeping task force hailed as heroes, back in the day. Your goal is to take a big, red truck with a fusion core loaded in the back to several ziggurats, hoping to keep the power running in this vibrant city.

Unfortunately, however, the way to the ziggurats is treacherous. You have to guide the truck up steep, uphill slopes. The road, however, is the least of your worries, as enemies hide in every corner, waiting to sabotage all your efforts.

Oh, to make things more exciting, there’s prize money involved.  Yes, real, hard, cold cash in Overwatch Esports.

Garnering a Following for Overwatch Esports

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that this game is called Overwatch. It was released just barely over a year ago by gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment. In this short period of time since its debut, Overwatch Esports became an instant hit, boasting more than ten million players from around the world and receiving rave reviews from premier gaming sites like IGN, PC Gamer and Gamespot.

While Overwatch was initially launched for casual gameplay, Blizzard quickly caught on to its potential and developed it for e-sports. Competitive gameplay features were added onto the game just a month after it was released. This garnered a huge following comparable to Blizzard’s other e-sports rival, the classic strategy game Starcraft.

Picking a Hero from Overwatch Esports

Overwatch Esports gameplay is pretty straightforward. First, you pick a hero from a selection of 23 diverse characters. Take a look at each one and you’ll instantly know that no two are the same. Each has a unique personality, abilities and combat style that shines through in the character design.

Overwatch Esports hero Torbjorn

There are four basic character types: offense, defense, tank and support characters. Pretty much the same folk you might find in your standard MMO. However, even within the same character type, there is so much diversity.

Overwatch Esports Halloween

Among the offense characters, for instance, Pharah can keep close-range fighters at a safe distance while launching continuous, deadly rocket fire. The drawback is that she is vulnerable to ranged attacks. For those who prefer stealthy combat, it would be a treat to know that the Reaper can teleport and wield massive damage as he strikes from behind. Assault the enemy with caution, however, as his health is in the low side.

Overwatch Esports Heroes

Unlike many other first-person shooters, you can’t upgrade character stats. They are as they are, and it’s up to you to get to know them to take full advantage of their unique skillset. In fact, it’s these little character nuances that make the Overwatch Esports game so rich and strategically complex. 

Different Types of Overwatch Esports Gameplays

Once you have chosen a character, your team of six is pitted against another team. But this isn’t an ordinary first-person shooter with straightforward kill-off-the-enemy-team rules. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, each with its own goals and unique map features. Therefore, picking and knowing how to use the right set of characters for the job is crucial to victory in Overwatch Esports.

Overwatch Esports heroes

Escort mode works much like the Silvershard Mines in World of Warcraft. The team’s goal is to escort a payload cart to set points in the map. They must do this while holding off the enemy team, as they attempt to steal the cart for themselves.

Assault mode, on the other hand, pits an offensive team against a defensive team. Each team attempts to either defend or secure capture points across the map. The winner is determined by who holds the most points when time runs out.

Overwatch Esports hero Reaper gameplay

Control mode is a variation of assault mode, involving two teams fighting over control points. They must secure these points until they charge to 100 percent. The team who takes control of three out of five points first is the winner.

Hybrid mode is a mix of the assault and escort modes. In this game, the offensive team pushes the payload towards a delivery point as the defensive team attempts to keep them from reaching it.


A Dive into Overwatch Esports

The nature of the game focuses more on teamwork and each player’s skill in handling the chosen character, rather than ramping up abilities with stats. It is, therefore, a place where the best players truly shine. This mixed up with the varying gameplay makes it a rich, fertile ground for Overwatch Esports.

Overwatch Esports developers Blizzard EsportsOnly

In fact, Blizzard launched an Overwatch Esports League not long after release, during the June 2016 Blizzcon. The mechanics of the game’s league is pretty much like regular real-world sports leagues. That is, those who shine on the leaderboards or are recognised for their stellar in-game tactics become prime picks, placed in a global talent pool. Local, geography-based teams then sign these players in. Following selection, the crème de la crème of the global Overwatch Esports scene then begin training intensively for the final prize.

At the very end of the league, these teams are pitted together in epic battles of the best Overwatch Esports players across the world. This year, the winning team was, no surprise, the South Korean team, who didn’t even lose a single match.

Betting on the Best in Overwatch Esports

If you’d rather sit on the sidelines and watch these stellar games in play, you’re in luck. Overwatch Esports across the globe is usually well-document. Just turn on your computer to watch league games live, or check dedicated video sites to watch replays at your leisure.

If you’re a bit adventurous, you might also want to bet on your favorite team and win actual money without even competing. You can opt to go all-out and bet for the team that takes the cup, if you’re willing to risk and win big. Most, however, opt for betting for their favorite teams in single games.

Betting on Overwatch Esports team is a rich and growing scene. Considering that the game isn’t even a year old yet, things are bound to change drastically over the years. This makes it the perfect gateway game for newbies venturing into the world of e-sports – and e-sports gambling – for the first time.