Nicolai Reedtz

Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 16, 2018

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Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz

Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz is a 22-year-old professional player hailing from Denmark. He plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, taking on the role of rifler with also the skills to handle the awper when the need arises for his team, Astralis. He was voted the third best CS player in 2015 and 2016 by and was also named MVP of the Esports Championship Series Season 2 – Finals.


Aside from gaming, Nicolai likes to keep himself actively fit, practicing badminton and running to help him clear his mind and refocus. He loves to spend time with his girlfriend travelling around the world, making wonderful memories.

Where it all began:

When Nicolai was about two years old when his mother game him a badminton racket. The very first sport he practiced, learning to fight back until the very last second whilst also training fast reactions in-game. He was quite a talented player playing with a top level team but due to a knee injury, he decided to play video games.

CS source

In his free time, Nicolai would play Counter-Strike Source with his big brother. His interest in CS: GO intrigued him more watching DreamHack 2012, aspiring that he too could be as good as the profesional players on tv. Switching to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Reedtz made his debut as a temporary substitute for top esports team Fnatic moving on to Copenhagen Wolves building his competitive career in CS.

The Team:

Astralis is a Danish esports company that is owned by the professional players with help from their manager Frederik ‘realition’ Byskov. The gaming association supports a CS:GO unit that is ranking as the third top Counter-Strike team in the world according to

Astralis CSGO Team6

Astralis CS: GO was created by the former Questionmark players in January 2016. Dev1ce who was on medical leave from November returns to compete alongside his teammates, dupreeh, Xyp9x, Kjaerbye and gla1ve.

Competition Participation:

The last CS: GO tournaments that dev1ce had played with Astralis include ECS Season 4 – Europe, IEM XII Oakland, EPICENTER 2017, ESL One: New York, DreamHack Masters Malmo and PGL Major Krakow among many other prestigious events.

PGL Major Krakow2

Dev1ce has gained his gaming experience playing against top CSGO teams like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Gambit, SK Gaming, Godsent, Dignitas and so many more. Improving on his mistakes and new game strategies has made Nicolai into the professional gamer he is today.


The highest winnings for Dev1ce and his team Astralis was at Eleague Major: Atlanta 2017. The CS squad reached the Finals defeating Virtus.Pro with a score of 2-1, to win the Major title, proudly claiming their prize of $500K.

Reedtz’s second great win was at the Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals. Competing for Astralis, they made it to the finals beating Optic Gaming with an amazing record of 2-0. The star players won the Championship title and claimed their first prize of $250K.

Another accomplishment for dev1ce and his team Astralis was at the Eleague CS: GO Premier 2017. Reaching the finals they played their best CS gameplays but lost to Faze Clan. They finished in second place taking home a reward of $150K.