Mid-Season Invitational: GAM Make The Cut To TSM’s Dismay

By: EsportsOnly.Com
May 08, 2017

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That’s a wrap! The play-ins for the Mid-Season Invitational have come to a close with the final six teams preparing for battle. Many a hard fought game were had throughout the play-ins, but only three teams could make it out. With only SuperMassive and GIGABYTE Marines making it through the Group Stage of the play-ins, many were speculating how they would compare to the powerhouses of TSM and the Yoe Flash Wolves.

The curse for NA versus Wildcard regions seemed to still be looming over the heads of TSM as they faced off against GAM. While GAM happened to look shaky at times in Group B, they brought their chaotic style to the stage and blasted off to a quick 2-0 lead over TSM. The memes were in and people were preparing the fire until TSM channelled the spirit of the fallen Cloud 9 into a reverse sweep victory.

But while TSM was flopping, the Flash Wolves proved that they and the entirety of the LMS region are to be feared. SuperMassive loved their early and explosive playstyle just as much as GAM, but no one compares to the hard-hitting mechanics of FW. Not only do they look for blood early on, but they know how to operate with a lead to great success, which proves why FW was able to remain undefeated during the regular season in the LMS.

With TSM and FW having both made it out of the play-ins, only one more spot remained. SUP and GAM went to the stage for what could be their last time, and neither squad wanted to allow that. Sadly, nerves are a real thing and seemed to get into the mind of Naru. He kept wanting to be the hero for his team but fell short of the goal. GAM continued their madness into this series by playing for the kills early on and only dropped one game against SUP, who just didn’t know how to play against a team that played a bit more mechanically than themselves.

Lights dim, director yells cut. For many, the trip was short but memorable. Others still have a shot at glory. Looking at the play-ins, there is only one team to truly fear as a top contender and another to be wary of if you can’t handle the heat. FW look keen to make it all the way to the finals and possibly be the team to defeat the Korean Kings of SKT. Then there is GAM that might pull off a ANX by booting some of the other regions out of a potential run in the Knockout Stage. If TSM plays the way they did against GAM, they might be the ones bumped out if they aren’t careful.


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