Stephanie missharvey Harvey

missharvey Stephanie Harvey

By: EsportsOnly.Com
Jan 04, 2017

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missharvey Stephanie Harvey

Stephanie Harvey also known by her alias missharvey is one of the top player that hails from Canada and currently playing for CLG Red. She is widely known as a CS:GO player who has won five world championships.

Stephanie was inspired by another female gamer, Anna Prosser Robinson whom she spoke to and together they created an online community called Misscliks for gender equality in the gaming world.

Where it all began:

It was in high school that Stephanie began playing Counter-Strike 1.6 not only because she liked a guy but also to pursue her passion in computer gaming.

counter strike 16

“In high school there was this guy I really liked in my music class. His friends told me that all he did was play Counter-Strike, so I started playing too. We went to prom together and it was really lame and then we moved on and never talked,” Missharvey admits.

Her dedication to gaming continued and two years later she was invited to be a part of the CS:GO female team, CheckSix Divas. After her college education, Stephanie finished a program in game design and is currently working for Ubisoft Montreal.

The Team:

CLG RED team

Counter Logic Gaming first created a LOL team back in April 2010. Expanding the company in 2015, a new roster was formed CLG Red. The current CSGO roster includes five female pros, potter, the captain of the squad, di^, bENITA, Missharvey and Klaudia.

Competition Participation:

Through Stephanie’s professional career she has competed against some of the world known female teams such as the Renegades, Team Secret, Luminosity Gaming and many others. Some of the CSGO tournaments Missharvey has attended were The Copenhagen Games 2016 Female Tournaments, the Intel Challenge Katowice 2016, the World Championships – NA Qualifiers and many other events.

DreamHack event Qualifiers

The most recent events Missharvey has participated in was the EsportsArena Santa Ana Showdown III and in the qualifying stage of the Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas.


One of Missharvey’s accomplishments was winning the third season of the TV show, Canada’s Smartest Person in December 2016, proving her abilities in diiferent ways. Her talents did not go unnoticed by Forbes naming her one of BBC’s top 100 influential and inspirational women of 2016.

As for her gaming accomplishments, while Missharvey was with SK Gaming, she won first place in ESWC women tournament scooping her highest reward of $15K in 2007. Her most recent win was the Major ESWC 2015 Women beating Games4u claiming a prize of $7K.